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Research Guide: News

  • Guides to online publications

    Online newspapers from around the world.
    Searchable newspapers directory, with links organized by continent/country or in a title index.
    Directory of English-language media, with more than 14,000 links to newspapers, magazines, television stations, colleges, visitor bureaus, governmental agencies and more.
    The Newspaper Assn. of America provides links to U.S. daily and weekly newspapers, Canadian and international dailies, newspaper groups, associations and other media organizations.
    Kidon Media-Link is an independent non-profit site on the internet. The newspapers and other news sources on Media-Link are listed by continents; there are also eight pages organized by language.
    An online guide focusing on non-corporate sources of news.
    9,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide.
    Television News Archive
    Begun in 1968, this archive of television news holds "more than 30,000 individual network evening news broadcasts from the major U.S. national broadcast networks, and more than 9,000 hours of special news-related programming including ABC's Nightline..."
    U. S. News Archives on the Web
    From the News Division of the Special Libraries Association. (*Watzek Library provides alternative (i.e. free) means of obtaining past articles - ask a librarian for assistance).
  • Consumer Reviews

    Consumer Search
    This site offers invaluable, unbiased consumer product information. ConsumerSearch.com strives to provide "the latest and best competitive analysis of products" for free. The site divides goods into basic, logical categories, and for each product, offers three distinct and related services. Fast Answers is an at-a-glance compilation of reviews (gleaned from other sources) of each specific product; it also rates the best products according to the reviews. For an in-depth analysis of both the product and the experts that reviewed the products, readers will want to peruse the Full Story section. Also, includes citations to reviews in repected print magazines like consumer reports. All the Reviews Reviewed consists of the ConsumerSearch.com's editors's descriptions, ratings, and opinions of each of the review sources.
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