LC Graffiti and Street Art Project was produced by Lewis & Clark College's Watzek Library and Off-Campus and Study Abroad Program. It was an experiment to develop and employ mobile technologies for teaching and learning with the expectation that it might serve as a model for creating collaborative digital image projects with mobile devices and Flickr for non-traditional classroom settings. Students used digital cameras, smart phones and social software to document and catalog the ephemeral graffiti and street art throughout the five boroughs of New York City in the Fall of 2010.


For those interested in the year-long process of developing the project please see the LC Graffiti and Street Art Project Blog.


Faculty Leader
Fall 2010 New York City Off-Campus Program

Digital Services Coordinator, Watzek Library

Metadata/Digital Projects Specialist, Watzek Library

Lewis & Clark Students on the New York Off-Campus program who were instrumental in the image collection and documentation process:

Karl Berger

Hannah Berry

Kaye Blankenship

Lindsay Burnette

Philana Brown

Emma Chandler

Jill Coleman

Drayton Cousins

Diana Fox

Adrian Gebhart

Cathy Grella

Abbie Hebein

Marian Kidd

Ian McLane

Charlotte Reisen

James Malin

Karla Ortiz

Hilary Tjian