Alternative Distribution is a multidisciplinary studio course focused on artworks conceived and received outside the context of a traditional exhibition venue. Students will study and explore public performance and interventions, the book as an exhibition site, as well as online collaboration and imaging. Historical frameworks will be used to contextualize projects, and range from the aesthetic and abstract to the politically and socially-engaged.

For example, in this web-based project, students will be introduced to the potential use of locative technologies through a cross-country collaboration with the artist Greg Scranton, who is a member of the collective, basekamp, out of Philadelphia. Utilizing the geotagging capacities in digital cameras, students will create visual and textual maps throughout Portland that will then be uploaded to this website specially created by the Watzek Library. This remote site will contain possibilities for envisioning and mapping the city that are both real and imagined. In addition to artistic examples of the re-imagined city, students will consider the urban environment through the lens of social history and justice, including a walking tour of North Portland conducted by Kent Ford, a founding member of the Portland chapter of the Black Panther party in the late 60s.

The course will also include the production of a book that will be published by the local, independent press, Publication Studio, and distributed by the Lewis & Clark College bookstore. Finally, students will create online video works that investigate the role of mass distribution in defining private and public space, as well as dominant vs. sub-cultures.

Project Lead
Garrick Imatani
Assistant Professor of Art and Studio Head of Foundations
Lewis & Clark College

Project Developers
Anneliese Dehner and Jeremy McWilliams
Watzek Library
Lewis & Clark College