Church of the Wave Contrada

Kayla Garret March 11, 2013 Churches Sienna, Italy view in flickr

The church of the Wave Contrada is the Church of San Giuseppe, built in approximately the 16th century, and is located next to the Arch of Saint Joseph. Historians believe the design was commissioned to Baldassarre Peruzzi , an early 16th century architect, who began the project in 1522. However, the church was not fully completed until 1653 when the outer brick façade was finished by Benedetto Giovannelli. The members of the Wave Contrada held their first meeting inside the oratory on June 17, 1787, thus marking the adoption of the church as the official oratory of the Contrada. The Wave Contrada celebrates their patron saint, the Holy Virgin, every year on the fourth Sunday of June, in honor of her Day of Visitation—July 2nd.