Inside the Duomo: Chapel of Saint John the Baptist

Caitlin Basilio March 11, 2013 Churches Siena, Tuscany, Italy view in flickr

The other chapel inside the Duomo is the Chapel of Saint John the Baptist. The chapel was built in 1482 and houses the relic of the right arm of St. John the Baptist, donated in 1464 b Pope Pius II, the most famous member of the Piccolomini. The relic is housed in a silver reliquary in the Chapel, and all the artwork inside the chapel is related to St. John the Baptist. There is a series of six frescoes of the Biography of St. John the Baptist by Pinturicchio, and two paintings of Alberto Aringhieri (who commissioned the frescoes).

Inside the chapel, is also a sculpture of St. John the Baptist made by Donatello in 1457. This sculpture was one of Donatello’s last works and was created in Florence.