Doorknob memory

Ksenia Girsova March 13, 2013 Art Sienna, Italy view in flickr

Doorknobs and door knockers in Siena are interesting to pay attention to because although they are not the most important artistic elements of Sienese life, they are nevertheless an ever-present fixture of the city. The doorknobs tend to blend into the architecture of the buildings, however, although usually subtle, they are one of the many details that make Siena feel very European, and most improtantly Sienese. In the States, for example, it would be difficult to find doorknobs like the ones above, with such detail and force of expression. Yet in Siena, doorknobs tend to be elaborate reflections of the style of the buildings that act as reminders of Siena's long and rich history. They reflect how important aesthetics and decoration to the Sienese is, since most of the buildings in the historic centre of the city are elaborate and have many ornamental details, doorknobs being one of these. Below are more examples of doorknobs and knockers that add to the general flavour of the city.


DSC_0597 DSC_0589