Ecuador, Spring 2013

January 5 - May 15, 2013

The academic focus of the program is on intensive language study, and the history, culture and socio-economic institutions of Ecuador. The students also give back to the local community by volunteering at various local organizations. Following an orientation program in Quito, the program is centered in Cuenca and includes field trips to the primary rain forest, coastal mangroves, the Cañar region as well as other local areas of interest. Students are hosted by local families while in Cuenca. The program team includes our student participants, on-site academic director, resident director, blog moderator, academic instructors and program leader.

periódico mural azul

Raina Blumenthal March 1, 2013 Classes, Spanish Cuenca view in flickr

Spanish Blog:

Durante el semestre cada clase de español  necesita hacer una presentación de un periódico mural. El miércoles pasado la clase azul tuvo su presentación.  La clase azul es la clase de, Sierra, Tom, Malcom, Patricia, Angela y Marika. Cada persona  escogió un tema para periódico mural.

Ellos hicieron una  mural con fotos y descripciones sobres cada tema.  Esta clase dibujo  un extraterrestre que formaba   parte de cada tema.  Ellos hicieron un cuento sobre el extrarrestre y sobre cada persona de la presentación. La primera en presentar fue Sierra. Sierra habló sobre las elecciones que fueron el domingo pasado. Entonces Malcom habló sobre la  tradición de San Valentin,  cuando los hombres iban a la casas de los mujeres  a las doce de la noche y les cantaban canciones románticas. Después de Malcom,  Marika nos dijo sobre las culturas indignas. Tom habló sobre las tortugas de Galápagos y  Angela habló sobre un tipo de baile que se llama capoeira. Finalmente Patricia habló sobre la celebración de la semana santa.


During the semester each Spanish class needs to make a  newspaper mural presentation. On last Wednesday the blue class had their presentation.  The blue class is the class of Sierra, Tom Malcom, Patricia, Angela and Marika. Each person picked a different theme for the newspaper mural.


They made a mural with photos and descriptions about each theme. The class drew a extraterrestrial that had parts from each person’s theme. They made up a story  about the extraterrestrial to connect all of the themes together. The first presenter was Sierra. Sierra talked about the Ecuadorian election that happened the past Sunday. After her, Malcom talked about the Ecuadorian tradition of Valentine’s day  where the guys go to the houses of the girls at midnight and sing them aromatic songs. After Malcom, Marika discussed the  indigenous culture specifically indigenous births. Tom talked about the famous Galapagos tortoises and Anglea taught us about a type of dance called Capoeira. Finally Patricia discussed the celebration of La Semana Santa which is Easter week.