Siena Memoryscape Project

January 1 - May 15, 2013


Trushaa Castelino March 4, 2013 Gastronomy Siena, Tuscany, Italy view in flickr

A good way to learn about a culture is to study what they think is important, and Italians place great, great importance on their food. As part of this programme, we have the unique opportunity to actually see what food is readily available to the common population in Siena (and in Italy); since we’re living with host families we also have the opportunity to gain further insight into the daily Tuscan diet, and to learn what distinguishes it from other regional cuisines. 

In this VMP section, we hope to look at the recipes and aesthetics of food in order to better understand the perpetuation of tradition. We would also like to observe the spaces where people eat different kinds of food, the way the food is produced, what wines different foods are paired with, etc. etc.