Noah Callaghan March 4, 2013 Monuments Siena, Tuscany, Italy view in flickr

Introducing the Monuments of Siena:

Allora cominciamo (let's begin): This section of the Siena Memoryscape Project is dedicated to the monuments of Siena. A monument is a statue, building, fountain, or some other structure, built to honor a famous event or person in history.  Just from taking an easy “passagiata,” or walk, throughout the city, it is impossible to ignore the impressive monuments all over the city of Siena, built any time from the 12th century to the 19th century.


One could say that Siena itself is a massive monument, so there are times where it is hard to decipher which are the most important to document. In this section of the website, you can see that our monuments vary in every specific category. These monuments include statues on the Duomo, the famous Fonta Gaia in the Piazza Del Campo, and the statue of Sallustio Bandini in front of the Banca Monte Dei Paschi, the oldest bank in the world. 


In this section, we present the history of these monuments and describe the importance of the monuments to the Sienese today. We also explore monuments related to the contradas, or Families of Siena, such as Fonte Branda, a fountain that is one of the oldest structures in Siena and was originally connected with the old slaughter house, now converted to a school where our program, Siena Italian Studies, meets. Statues vary from 12th century saints on the front of the Cathedral to statues of hero’s who unified Italy in the late 19th century. 


During the spring semester of 2013, we will be collecting photos and researching monuments all over the city. We are excited to share our experiences with you!


-Noah, Mari, and Joyce