Introduction to Art

Ksenia Girsova February 26, 2013 Art Siena, Tuscany, Italy view in flickr

Art in Siena is incredibly important as it has a rich history of painters, particularly within the Medieval period. Famous artworks by artists that influenced not only Italian art but also Western art development can be found in the major museums of Siena. Smaller works of art, religious art around the city, graffiti and elaborate details in the buildings all work together with the great history to build a strong consciousness of the aesthetic within every Sienese. Beyond this, art seems to serve various purposes depending on the form, where it is located, and when it was created.

This category will explore various kinds of art that can be found within Siena, ranging from street art to an exploration of some of the most famous works. It will discuss the history of these works, which informs how they are seen today by Sienese citizens and what role they play in their lives.



Above is a detail of the Allegory of Good Government found in the public domain. This is part of the fresco painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti from 1338 to 1339 on commission for the government of the Nove (the Nine) that governed Siena at the time. It is located in the Hall of the Nine at the Palazzo Pubblico, the city hall. It is one of the most famous Sienese artworks that not only has artistic significance but also is incredibly important in the message that it sends.