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Library Information

SAC Meeting Minutes
September 27, 2005

Present:  George Bordash, Brian Chandler, Laura Gage, Andrew Shaw-Kitch, Sage Coe Smith, Elaine Hirsch (recorder), Jim Kopp, Jeremy McWilliams

  1. Members of the committee introduced themselves and the charge to the committee was presented.
  2. Past accomplishments of the committee were presented and discussed.  These include earlier opening hours on Sunday; funding for library lockers; recommending themes and titles for the Diversions display; the establishment of the library's Art Exhibit Policy and project finishing station; participation in ASLC student polls; improved maps and signage.
  3. Director's Report:  Jim reported on items the library is currently focused on including strategic planning, space issues and various digital initiatives, as well as the collection of microform that is deteriorating.  He announced the former Slide Library has been renamed the Visual Resources Collection and is part of the Watzek Library organization.
  4. Access Services' Report:    Jeremy announced changes in the Summit Consortium; the rearragement of the Diversions and Microforms area; the library web site tutorials; and the New Additions feature in the catalog.
  5. Plans for 2005-2006: 
    • Meeting Minutes will be posted to the new SAC web site.
    • SAC may sponsor a campus-wide activity such as a Book Collecting Contest or Student Research Presentations.
    • The Watzek Rocks! event is scheduled for January 19.
  6. George inquired if the library could place a change machine in the patron lounge.  Jeremy replied that the library had one in the past, but it was repeatedly vandalized. 
  7. Laura asked about the administration of various services on the first floor of the library.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 15 in the Pamplin Room in Watzek Library.  Doug Erickson from Special Collections will be the guest speaker.  Discussion will include the library web site tutorials, plans for a Spring event, and a report from the SAC rep to ASLC.

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