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Library Information

SAC Meeting Minutes
April 4 , 2006

Present:  Brian Chandler, Brandon Kimura, Sage Coe Smith, Elaine Hirsch (recorder), Jim Kopp, Jeremy McWilliams

  1. Access Services' Report:    The committee was asked for their opinions on the library web site.  The students were generally pleased with the interface and did not feel it needed to be redesigned.  Comments were made that it was one of the best web sites at LC and that the site was used to navigate the entire LC College web site.  Possible additions included a blog/library forum for students to post study group notices to one another, and catalog record enhancements to make the location and availability of items more obvious to patrons.
    There was general discussion on technological applications such as podcasting, social bookmarking, and federated searching and how these might be applied by libraries in the future.
  2. Director's Report:  Jim announced the library's new position of Digital Services Coordinator and the Jean Ward Collection in Gender Studies.
  3. Brian was asked to share his thoughts on the library as a graduating senior.  He emphasized the library's value as a place for reading and reflection and made a passionate request to not forget about the books.
  4. Elaine thanked the seniors for their participation on SAC and asked the returning students if they would like to continue on the committee next year.  The committee will meet again in September 2006. 
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