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Watzek SAC Minutes
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Noon-1 in the library classroom
Student attendees:  Allison Correll-Buss, Margaret Finnan, Alix Finnegan, Courtney Harris, Brynn House, Zoe Peters, Gabrielle Yelland, Julianne Zienkiewicz

Staff attendees:  Jenny Bornstein, Mark Dahl, Darren Heiber(convener and recorder), Robyn Ward


Ideas for Reading Days

The first 15 minutes were spent eating and discussing options for the Watzek Reading Days event.  Ideas were written on the white board and discussed later in the meeting.

Library news (a.k.a. What’s up Watzek?)

Darren talked about some upcoming events at Watzek, including Tea with/for Paul Merchant, Literary Review readings, and history theses presentations.  He also talked about the new E&D First-Year Research Award (two $200 cash prizes for outstanding research projects).  He also talked about the Visual Resources Blog, Image/Idea, and how it is currently being written/maintained by two students (Alex Smith and Stephanie Bellissimo), offering this as an example of ways students can become more involved with Watzek.

Mark added to the “contributions of students theme” by mentioning our senior thesis collection and that we’re always looking for new submissions.  He also talked about the Library’s digital initiatives including the NYC Graffiti & Street Art Project.  Mark also mentioned to students that we will see some big construction work in the Summer (including updated bathrooms) and that we will be hiring many students for Summer work.  Finally, Mark mentioned some current budget issues the library is facing including the cancelling of some journal subscriptions and the loss of a full time person in Collection Management Services and a full time person in Research Services.

Other introductory topics included a question posed to the students about what library swag they would like along with the pencils, stickers, bookmarks and temporary tattoos the Marketing Team currently makes available.  Students also brought up the fact that they love seeing student artwork in the library and hope we will advertise this opportunity more.  One student mentioned that she always looks at the advertising information on the library home page (Check it Out).

Watzek Reading Days (April 29th & 30th)

Participants were very excited by the idea of delivering coffee/tea to other students in Watzek.  These could be used to advertise other Reading Days events in the Library (stamp/sticker on the cup, small info-sheet, word-of-mouth).

The prospect of massages is also very appealing:
Would require a lot of masseuses(3 or more), so there could be equal access.
Could use a sign-up sheet so people would know when to show up.
Consider a section of the room for “give a massage, get a massage” for student exchange

Yoga, with drop-in options for those who just want to stretch for a few minutes, was also highly regarded.  This could be done with a real yoga instructor or a video and may be done alongside or after food is served in the classroom, or in the conference room.
Students used the opportunity to remind us that the less structure the better for people who only have a few minutes to spare or aren’t able to adhere to a formal schedule.

Thought about buying or asking an art student to make a piñata to help get out some tension and have a good time.  Could fill it with Watzek swag, sweets and other goodies.

In the food room (a definite), participants said they would like coloring stations (crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc).  May also like to include classic films, that are light and funny and that many people know so they can walk in and out as they please.  Disney came up several times.

It was also recommended that we consider handing out stress balls with Watzek logo, etc. for promotion and fun.

In terms of promotion, participants recommended tape arrows on the floor that direct to different events/parts of the library.  Also, every time someone checks an item out in the days leading up to the events, they should get a flyer with details.

Started to talk about branding the event.  Students love the name Watzek Rocks and want something similar for the reading days event.

Student governorship:

Darren brought up the idea that students may want to have more control of SAC.  This could mean a single student leader or student board working under the advisement of a Watzek librarian.  To be discussed online and going forward.

Action items:

Darren will look into recommendations for Reading Days and see what is feasible within the budget. Conversation about student governorship will continue online and going forward.

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