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Watzek SAC Minutes
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

noon-1 in the library classroom

Student attendees:  Allison Correll-Buss, Margaret Finnan, Alix Finnegan, Maya Gold, Monique Halgat, Courtney Harris, Brynn House, Zoe Peters, Jennifer Schildmeyer, Willa Keegan Rodewald, Mali Smith, Carolyn Worthge, Gabrielle Yelland, Julianne Zienkiewicz

Staff attendees:  Jenny Bornstein, Mark Dahl, Darren Heiber, Kate Rubick (convener and recorder), Robyn Ward


Many new student members were in attendance.  Also Darren Heiber was introduced as the new chair of SAC and Robyn Ward is now the Collection Management Services (CMS)  representative.  

By way of introduction, attendees went around the table and stated something they liked about the library and something they would like to see changed or improved in the library.  

The list of likes included:
study desks on the third floor near the windows, reference help, new lighting in the atrium, natural light, writing center in the library, newly upholstered comfy chairs upstairs, group study rooms, tables in the new wing overlooking the reflecting pool, laptop locks.

The list of things to change included:
implement a course on information literacy, give students writing theses private study desks, more ways to prevent theft, change food policy--allow food in at least some portions of the library, having study rooms adjacent to quiet areas does not work, Library of Congress classification system is hard to use, suggest a purchase link needs to be more prominent, a suggestion box at the Reference Desk would be nice, more ebooks--especially if they make high-demand items more available.  And, finally, Monique wants to see her dream of the chocolate fountain in the library come true.

Library space updates:

Kate reported on the space updates including:  new lighting in the atrium and at some study tables, microwave in the student lounge has been replaced at SAC’s request, the quiet area has been moved to the 2nd and 3rd floors of the new wing--again, at SAC’s request.  The Visual Resources Center is now newly located to the 3rd floor.  

Mark reported that there will be upcoming capital projects in the way of new carpet, remodeled bathrooms, and HVAC work coming this summer.

Watzek Study Breaks:

The group discussed the successes of the two study break events last term and plan to do them again this term on the reading days before exams.  Things to keep in mind for planning this semester:

More food is needed for each event and the sweets and coffee worked better than the savory (i.e. healthy) snacks.

People liked the coloring activity.  Massage or yoga was brought up again as a nice activity if it could be arranged.  

It is important that the event happen on both reading days--easier to remember .  

Tent signs in the library worked well.  

CAB will partner again, but may not have any $$ to contribute.  Library can maybe put up additional funds.  Also it was suggested that we look into partnering with Student Life.

This page maintained by Darren Heiber darrenh@lclark.edu. Updated 10 February 2011 .