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Library Information

SAC Meeting Minutes
December 13th, 2006

In attendance: Dan Kelley, Brandon Kimura, Jim Kopp, Adam Kowalski, Jeremy McWilliams, Rick Peterson, Andrew Shaw-Kitch

Unable to attend: Sage Coe Smith

  1. We introduced a new permanent member of the Student Advisory Committee, Access Services Manager Rick Peterson. We also welcomed guest attendant Dan Kelley, a reference librarian who also heads the Watzek Library marketing team.
  2. In Rick's Access Services report, he discussed the winter Cans for Fines Food Drive, and the intended crackdown upon 'squatters' in the group study rooms during finals.
  3. Dan described some of the activities of the Watzek marketing team, including the production of Watzek Rocks, screensavers, publications, the faculty reception, and signage. Adam and Brandon suggested the marketing team work closer with faculty, who could then in turn tell students about relevant library services.
  4. Jim updated the committee on recent Ed-Tech discussions. Ed-Tech will look into the development of a 'research course' to enhance student information literacy. Adam commented that while past efforts at information literacy tutorials, like TILT, it's still worth developing an effective tool or course. Jim also described investigations into anti-plagiarism software, and the Library's upcoming accreditation process in 2008.
  5. Brandon revisited the idea of library spaces, particularly group vs. private study spaces. He thought the group study tables in the designated quiet area should be replaced with individual study desks. The group tables could be moved to what might become a designated 'group study area'. These suggestions were well received, and would be taken to librarians' meetings for further discussion.
  6. Jeremy updated the group on the continuing stapler woes in the library. The life span of public staplers still remains short, and library staff will continue to search for solutions to this issue.
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