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SAC Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2007

In attendance: Sage Coe Smith, Mariana Aroxa, Elliot Smith, Fatmah Akeel, Elaine Hirsch (recorder), Rick Peterson, Jenny Bornstein, Melissa Roane, Nikki Williams.

Unable to attend: Adam Kowalski, Andrew Shaw-Kitch, Jim Kopp, Jeremy McWilliams

  1. Introductions were made and the committee charge was reviewed.
  2. Elaine reported on Watzek Library's programming to commemorate the library's 40th anniversary during this academic year. On Sunday, October 28, Dr. Leland Roth from the University of Oregon presented Aubrey Watzek and the Birth of Northwest Modern Architecture, which was well received.  On Thursday, November 15, Elisa Lanzi, the Director of the Imaging Center at Smith College, will present this year's Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecture in Library Service.  Her presentation is entitled A Convergence of Pathways: Re-imagining Image Collections for Tomorrow’s Teachers and Learners. Upcoming events include a February lecture by Dr. Libby Dawson Farr on Watzek Library architect Paul Thiry and a possible tour of the Aubrey Watzek house in Southwest Portland, which was discussed in the lecture by Dr. Roth.
  3. Ideas to better promote anniversary events to students were discussed.    Mari suggested using Facebook to reach students and putting notices in student mailboxes with candy attached to attract attention.  Elliot suggested asking professors to announce upcoming events in classes on related interests, such as art classes.  Sage echoed a suggestion made at the last SAC meeting to advertise upcoming events on the reference computer screensavers. Library staff have attempted to do this with the use of Flickr, but there are technical difficultires in implementing it at this time. Rick asked if promotional messages on circulation notices would be read by students, and the general consensus was no, but including images in the email would increase the chances.
  4. Rick reported on the scanner that is available in the 2nd floor photocopier alcove.  You are now able to scan materials and send them to the printer, upload the files to WebDisk, save them to a flash drive, or email them to yourself. He reminded students to be careful about monitoring their belongings while in the library because theft increases this time of year and that study rooms cannot be reserved for extended periods of time by leaving personal items in them.  Upcoming holiday hours were announced, as well as the end of the year "Cans for Fines" drive which allows students to pay their library fines in canned food  donations for the Oregon Food Bank. 
  5. The Watzek Library Marketing Committee was reintroduced.  Jenny presented the history of the committee, which was formed with three key concepts in mind:  1)  The library is a gateway to exploration;  2)  The library has an inviting atmosphere; 3)  The library is a dynamic environment.  Melissa highlighted the various printed materials and handouts designed and maintained by the committee, such as the student and faculty services' brochures, magnets, and bookmarks as well as the committee's participation in the NSO Academic Fair.  Nikki discussed the committee's involvement with the Diversions display, the reference computer lab screensavers, past columns in the Pioneer Log, online tutorials, Aubrey Watzek's Facebook account, and Watzek Rocks.
  6. Comments about the library's use of Facebook as a marketing tool were enthusiastic.  Event notices and videos such as the online tutorials could be posted on the site, and students may like being "friends" with the library.  Discussion surrounding Watzek Rocks was equally enthusiastic.       
  7. Sage commented that the stapler at the Project Finishing Station was often out of staples.  Rick and Melissa will make sure it filled regularly. 
  8. Fatmah expressed concern about the level of cleanliness in the reference computer lab. She has encountered computer keyboards and the surrounding area sticky from food and drink.  A discussion of the library's (no) food and (covered) drink policy followed.  Most students felt that it would be more effective if student-workers approached and discouraged those eating in the library rather than library staff.  Elaine will talk to the Reference Coordinator about regular cleaning of the reference computers and placing signs around the lab discouraging eating.
  9. The next meeting will be held in February.