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Library Information

SAC Meeting Minutes
October 3rd, 2006

In attendance: Brandon Kimura, Jim Kopp, Adam Kowalski, Jeremy McWilliams, Andrew Shaw-Kitch

Unable to attend: Sage Coe Smith

  1. The meeting began with brief introductions, though due to a variety of scheduling conflicts, not everyone was present. Consequently, Jeremy pledged to gather more information regarding committee member availability so all could fully attend future meetings. Jim suggested that the scope of the committee expand to include an Information Technology component. The committee members embraced this idea, and Jim stated his intentions to discuss this idea with Dan Terrio.
  2. Jeremy updated the committee on a few Library issues, including the current web site redesign, the integration of items borrowed via Interlibrary Loan with other borrowed items (local and Summit) on patron accounts. Committee members were encouraged to take the online survey related to the web site, and join the focus group to further discuss the web site redesign.
  3. Jim briefed the committee on discussions related to the potential transformation of Watzek Library into a "Teaching and Learning Center ". The committee members discussed what sorts of impressions this label implied, including a classroom-heavy setting and reciprocated learning environments. It was the general consensus of the committee that the SAC should provide some input on these ongoing discussions of the Watzek Library transformation.
  4. The student members of the committee proposed a variety of ideas for Watzek Library. Adam suggested expanding upon the current ID card system to include printing balances, and the ability to make copies. Brandon asked to improve the stapler situation (which Jeremy noted was already being addressed), determine whether the problems with the reference printers could be decreased, associate print balances with photocopying, and adjust the tables in the "quiet zone" to include only study carrels, rather than group tables.
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