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SAC Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2007

In attendance: Andrew Shaw-Kitch, Fatmah Akeel, Jim Kopp, Elaine Hirsch (recorder), Jeremy McWilliams, Rick Peterson

Unable to attend: Adam Kowalski, Sage Coe Smith, Mariana Aroxa, Elliot Smith

  1. The 40th Anniversary of Watzek Library is being commemorated this academic year.  A series of events are planned, which are noted on the library's anniversary webpage.  Those in attedence discussed the September panel discussion 1967 Campus Happenings: A Look Back at Life on Palatine Hill 40 Years Ago, which was well received.   On Sunday, October 28 at 2pm Dr. Leland Roth from the University of Oregon will present Aubrey Watzek and the Birth of Northwest Modern Architecture.  Various methods of promoting events to students were discussed.  Andrew suggested advertising upcoming events on the reference computer screen savers.  Jeremy is investigating this possiblity by using Flickr to manage the screensaver file which will allow for easier updates than the current configuration..
  2. Jim asked for student feedback on several things he has been considering.  Are reference hours on Saturday necessary?  Summit is being redesigned--should catalog searching begin with Summit rather than the local library catalog?  Are information literacy and technology literacy critical to a liberal arts education?  He also discussed the review of titles in the reference collection and plans to develop the space for students and others to work together collaboratively.
  3. Rick reported on a scanner that is being installed in the photocopier room on the 2nd floor. Rather than paying to make copies, you can now scan materials and send them to the printer, upload the files to WebDisk, save them to a flash drive, or email them to yourself. He also let the group know that e-reserves are now being processed through OCR software. You can now search readings or copy and paste directly from the image on screen. This also allows the library to provide files that can more easily be converted to accessible formats by Student Support Services. He also noted that an increasing number of Summit libraries are lending AV materials. Bound journals are also circulating from a few of the larger schools.
  4. Jeremy asked about student use and general impressions of Moodle, and whether the library should pursue further integration of resources into Moodle, such as course reserves.  He also announced that the library will be gradually implementing new features into its web site, including a search box on the main page, flyout category reorganization, highlighted news item with images, and highlighted new additions.
  5. Elaine brought up an email question she received from Elliot Smith about the library's photocopier card system and whether this could be tied into students' allocated paper balance for printing.  Since the copiers are not Internet based, there is not a way to tie the systems together.  However, the scanner in the 2nd floor photocopier room may help address this issue, and the technology does exist to use universal cards for multipurposes. 
  6. Fatmah was concerned about the lack of up-to-date GRE test preparation materials in the library. In the past, another office on campus maintained these materials, but this is no longer the case.  The library will look into updating its collection. She would also like to see more campus support for GRE preparation and testing.  Elaine will work with her to see what can be done. Fatmah asked about the search request process which delayed access to a book she wanted to read. Rick apologized for the delay and will work to fine tune the process.  She also asked about the possibility of searching multiple databases at the same time.  Jeremy reported that the library is preparing to offer federated searching of this nature in the near future.
  7. The next meeting will be held on a Tuesday in November so more students can attend.  The library's Marketing Committee will be guests.