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Library Information

SAC Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2007

In attendance: Sage Coe Smith, Brandon Kimura, Mark Dahl, Elaine Hirsch (recorder), Jeremy McWilliams, Rick Peterson

Unable to attend: Adam Kowalski, Andrew Shaw-Kitch, Jim Kopp

  1. Mark Dahl, the library's Asst. Director for Systems and Access Services, was introduced and represented library administration in place of Jim. 
  2. In Rick's Access Services report, he discussed the Reserves Direct system, circulation student retraining, and the upcoming plan to rearrange the library's collections.  He asked if there was a preference for arranging the journals in alphabetical order by title or by call number.  Pros and cons of both organizational systems were discussed with no preference determined.
  3. Elaine described the reference librarians' involvement in the national Reference Effort and Assessment Data (READ) study.
  4. Jeremy explained the concept of federated searching and is leading a committee investigating potential products for use at Watzek.  He also demonstrated the new features on the New Additions page.
  5. Sage mentioned the difficulty in determining where particular call numbers are located in the library.  The idea of including a library map with the appropriate location on the item's catalog record was met with enthusiasm.
  6. Mark reported on the critical issues being addressed by the public services' staff as part of the library's strategic planning, the search for a new collection development and acquisitions librarian, the faculty information literacy stipend program, and various digital sources and services.
  7. Brandon revisited the issue of group vs. private study spaces. Access Services' staff will explore ways to address this issue in the short term.
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