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Watzek SAC Minutes
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

noon-1 pm in the Watzek Library Classroom

Student attendees:  Hannah Camfield-Bronstein, Luke Carlson, Kekai Clarke, Taj Dunn, Monique Halgat, Caitlyn Homer, Courtney Harris, Justin Midyet, Tom Moore, Robert Pirtle, Mali Smith, Gabrielle Yellard

Staff attendees: Jenny Bornstein, Stephanie Beene, Mark Dahl, Rick Peterson, Kate Rubick (convener and recorder)

Piofair recap

The Piofair recruitment (with the help of Hannah, Monique and Justin) was a huge success--39 students signed up and five of the new students at the September meeting heard about our group at PioFair.  

Finals Week Stress-release event at the library-brainstorm

The group tossed around ideas for the type of event that included:

  • slumber party in the library
  • event with board games and food
  • caffienated beverages a must
  • yoga class/guided meditation/relaxation techniques
  • cocoa and cookies

It was thought that an event where you could drop in and drop out would work best for busy students.  Evening was thought to be the best time (6-10, maybe with 8-9 being the primary time).  Likely that the event would be held in the classroom, since food is not allowed in the rest of the library.  Reading Days were thought to be the best days (rather than exam days).  There is apparently a study break program at the law library that Kate will look into.  Similar programs on our campus include: Residence halls study breaks, movie marathon programs, and something called “stress free month.”  

Ideas for promoting such an event (or library events in general) included:

  • FB Event or Ad
  • chalk (if not raining)
  • cafeteria poster
  • Watzek poster

Kate will forward these ideas to the Marketing/Events Team for consideration and will report back to SAC either on FB or at the next meeting.  It was also noted that the microwave that used to be in the 1st floor lounge was taken away after the fire last term, and was not replaced.  Replacing the micro might be the best stress-reliever the library could provide.  Mark said he would look into this and that he thought that we would be able to replace it.  Kate will report back to the group about this.  

Recruiting students for Library Ed Tech Committee and Marketing Team

Monique and Justin both volunteered for the Library Ed Tech Committee.  Hannah volunteered for the Marketing Team.  Kate and Mark will follow up with the students individually about this.  

Space announcements and issues

Kate described the various construction projects that have been going on in the library over the summer--including the new writing center, the new vrc and adaptive tech space, and the new furniture in the classroom, the 3rd floor conference room and the collaborative furniture area.  Monique mentioned that there seem to be chairs missing from the PQ-QA section near the windows.  This is an area where chairs are being removed temporarily for reupholstering, but Kate will look into getting replacement chairs as soon as possible.  

This lead into a more general discussion about quiet space in the library.  The area that is now the designated “quiet area” in G-K is not very quiet because of the adjacent study rooms and because of the way that noise travels in that part of the building.  Also, some students do not feel comfortable policing these areas to make sure they stay quiet.  Other areas were suggested as alternatives the the current quiet area.  Spaces to consider:

  • The periodical wings (2nd and 3rd floors)
  • D-F room--which is already more quiet than G-K and not adjacent to study rooms (and possibly also A-C room since noise carries between these two spaces pretty well)

Kate will talk to library staff about the possibilities for relocating the quiet area and will report back to the group.  

This page maintained by Kate Rubick rubick@lclark.edu. Updated 17 September, 2010.