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Watzek SAC Meeting Minutes
Thursday April 12, 2012

Library Classroom
Present:  Allie Buss, Brynne House, Gabrielle Yelland, Jules Zienkiewicz, Robyn Ward, Chel Pennock, Mark Dahl, Kate Rubick (convener and recorder)


The library space committee will reconvene this summer to consider the SAC proposal from last meeting about naming the areas of the library.

The Watzek Library Director search is still not complete, but Kate thanked SAC members who attended candidate lunches.

The new reserves course pack system, using Xanadu to comply with copyright is going to be implemented in the fall and was discussed at the April faculty meeting.  Alix Finnegan authored a very nice piece on this topic that was published in the March 23 issue of the Piolog.

Mark made announcements related to the decrease in the library budget for the next fiscal year and its impact on acquisitions (purchasing books, journals and other things for our collections) in particular.  He also gave a plug for the James J. Kopp First-year Research Awards . And encouraged any seniors writing theses to submit them to the library.

Finalizing Watzek Recess 2012:

Brynn and Jules reported that Jeff Feld-Gore and the office of Student Life increased the amount they donate to Watzek Recess from $800 to $1,000.  This will allow us to hire massage therapists for both nights of the event.  The group agreed that we should go ahead with that plan.

With the increase in budget, Jeff has asked us to track the number of attendees at the Recess events.  Volunteers will need to keep a headcount-hash-marks on paper was decided as the simplest way.

Robyn distributed some instructions on using the DVD player with the TV, but it turns out that the problem last semester was a missing cable.

The group looked at last year’s poster and table tents and agreed to make only minor modifications for this semester instead of a brand new design.

The group discussed the food and bev menu.  Student volunteers will bring in hot water heaters, so there will be a supply of water for tea.  And extra cups and lids for drinks.

Other details needed to complete the events:

  • Brynn will get paper to cover the tables for coloring
  • Chel will place the catering order
  • Chel will book the massage therapists
  • Kate will check the available supplies and go to costco for supplementals
  • Kate will create a sign up for volunteers
  • Kate will coordinate the completion of the posters and table tents
  • Kate will provide a copy card with the recess supplies for photocopying the massage sign-ups.  
  • Chel will make sure the supplies cart goes to Access Services on Friday
  • Jules  will gather DVDs from the library collections for viewing during the events.

SAAB grant idea:

Jules and Brynn brought up the possibility of SAC applying for a SAAB grant in spring ‘13, to cover committee event expenses for the academic year ‘13-’14.  Student leaders would need to take responsibility for this.  Likely this will be the topic of the first SAC meeting in 2013.

SAC leadership for next year:

Brynn will be away all of next year.  Jules will be away in the fall.  Allie agreed to help lead SAC in the fall, but she will be gone in the spring.  Jules said she could lead SAC in the spring.  the group also discussed Alix, who was not at the meeting, who will be here all year next year as a possible second leader for SAC all year or at least in fall to help Allie.  Kate and Jules and Brynn will put major pressure on her to do this :)

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