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SAC Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2008

In attendance: Jesse Heiman, Elliot Smith, Monique Halgat, Sarah DiSabatino, Elaine Hirsch (recorder), Jeremy McWilliams Rick Peterson, Jim Kopp, Eileen Bell-Garrison (guest)

Unable to attend: Mariana Aroxa, Adam Kowalski, Andrew Shaw-Kitch, Sage Coe Smith

  1. Introductions were made and the committee charge was reviewed.  Elaine listed some of the committee's past accomplishments which include additional library hours on Sunday mornings, library lockers, the library's art exhibit policy, the project finishing station, improved maps and signage, and recommending themes and titles for library displays.
  2. Rick reminded students to not leave their possessions while in the library due to increased theft this time of year.  He also mentioned that some students "camp" in the study rooms this time of year and this is not allowed.  He also reported that there will be an additional scanner in the upstairs copier room when the new academic year begins in September; that the library's collection on permanent reserve has been reviewed and a number of items have been moved to the stacks; that the Summit interface will be changing but this should have a minimial impact on library patrons; and that a shift of the library's collection will occur during Summer 2009.
  3. Jeremy asked the students if they had used the library's federated searching tool and what they thought of it.  Three of the students were aware of it, two of them liking it and one finding the results incomplete.  They seemed to understand that it was a starting point for finding information and could help them identify individual databases to search.  They suggested asking for additional student feedback by placing a quick poll near the search box.  Jeremy also asked for their thoughts on Moodle.  The consensus was the students did not particularly like Moodle.  Jeremy asked if their course reserves were available through Moodle, which they confirmed.  They thought making course reserves available through the library's subject research guides was a good idea too.
  4. Jim announced the library received almost the entire amount of its budget request for the next academic year.  He also announced that the William Stafford Archives have been acquired by the College, and will likely be housed in the William Stafford Room on the library's third floor.  He said this and other initiatives will provide an opportunity for student input on the library's use of space.
  5. Eileen Bell-Garrision, an accreditor from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, asked the students for their favorite and least favorite things about the library.   Favorite things included the hours, Summit and library databases, reference assistance, and the number of study spaces available.  Least favorite things included uncomfortable seating, lack of power outlets, internet ports, and unreliable wireless coverage in the A-C call number area, and the possible need of an additional printer in the reference area.
  6. The next  meeting will be held during the Fall term 2008.