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Watzek SAC Meeting Minutes
Thursday, February 2, 2012

Library Classroom
Attendees: Kate Rubick (convener and recorder), Robyn Ward, Mark Dahl, Chel Pennock, Brynn House, Allie Buss, Gabrielle Yelland, Jules Zienkiewicz, Alix Finnegan, Courtney Harris, Zoe Peters

Watzek Sweatshirts and Watzek FB page--student feedback--Zoe Peters ‘11

Zoe, who is working an an intern with the Marketing Team, came to get feedback from SAC students about the Watzek FB page and some ideas for a Watzek Survival Pack (handwarmers, stress relievers, etc.) and Watzek Sweatshirts that might be sold at the bookstore.

A recap of the fall recess event and planning for the spring event--all

Although the guitar hero and other games (old) were not compatible with the TV (new), Watzek Recess was a success.  There was a rush of something like 60 people at the beginning of each event who crowded in for food and massage appointments.  then attendance dropped to 12-15 in the room at any given time.  They loved the coloring.  Not enough food--but the menu choices were mostly good.  One tower of coffee was not delivered one of the nights.  Not enough cups.  Ideas for spring:

  • Brynn is going to investigate cost of massage to find out if we might be able to afford two massage therapists each night.  Jules and Brynn will also talk to Student Life about possibly upping the budget for massage both mights and more food.  
  • Robyn is going to find out if the DVD player on the TV will play DVDs (there were problems with this at the fall event).  Showing a movie would be fun backdrop for coloring.  
  • If we can’t have massage both nights we should go back to the pinata as an alternate event for the night with no massage.  

College copyright directions--student feedback--Mark Dahl

Mark reported on possible Campus Copyright changes, whereby an outside company (possibly xanedu ) would provide course packs for article readings that students would need to purchase if they wanted access.  This would replace the current system where professors put articles on Moodle on on e-reserves in the library, sometimes without obtaining proper permissions.   This would impact students and would increase the expenditures on textbooks.  SAC students also noted that they would have to pay twice--because they would have to pay for access and then pay again to print articles out.  And they would not be able to sell these course packs back at the end of the semester to recoup some of the expense.  They also noted that certain majors would be impacted much more than others and that this would be unfair.  A typical course pack would cost a student $40-60.  Students suggested that some student club budgets could be cut to make the cost of course packs less expensive.  

Naming group study rooms--Brynn House (SAC Student leader)

There is confusion about how to find people in the library.  One idea would be to name the study rooms (with animal names or something).  But it would be more helpful to have the various wings named (they are now called things like the G-K wing, or the Periodicals Wing that don’t make sense to students) so that students would more easily be able to find each other.  Animals--following in line with the totem animal images--were a popular suggestion.  And if those animals could be posted outside the study rooms and on the ends of the stacks, it would give students a visual clue and make explaining library spaces much easier, as in “I’m in the owl section in one of the study rooms.”  Kate said she would take it up with the Space Committee and get back to the group.  

An announcement about the library director search--Kate Rubick

The library is hiring a new director, and when finalists are brought to campus we are hoping to give students the opportunity to meet them.  Kate asked in SAC members would be interested in meeting candidates, and all said yes.  so she will keep the group updated about scheduling those visits.  

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