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Watzek SAC Minutes

Thursday, September 12, 2013

1-2 pm in the Watzek Classroom

Student attendees: Geneva Carr, Allie Correll-Buss, Maya Gold, Courtney Harris Devin Hoover, Brynn House (student co-chair), Nik Mahapatra, Julia Withers Gabrielle Yelland, Jules Zienkiewicz (student co-chair)

Staff attendees:  Mark Dahl, Chel Pennock (recorder)Kate Rubick (staff lead)

SAC budget

The Student Organizations Committee has approved for us to receive $2700 for the year.  Watzek Recess has been about $1200 each semester.  The three approved group members will maintain the funding and can bring receipts to be reimbursed, get a check cut ahead of time if they know the amount, or something on campus can be purchased with a club finance code.

SAC projects for coming year

Now that the Owl Zone project is complete (love!) the group threw out some other potential project ideas.  

  • Information on the Library of Congress system would be very helpful for students coming from the Dewey system.  Maybe make more information available? A tutorial? Make a video? Advertise the (existing) call number guide better?

  • Reservation system for the study rooms - It looks like the new system the library will be switching to  may allow reserving of the rooms.  It might be good to make the signs more prominent that groups get priority.

  • Xanedu system allows faculty to assemble sets of course materials (including articles and book chapters), obtain copyright permissions from publishers, and create electronic or physical course packs for students to purchase through the College bookstore. This system was discussed quite a bit last year and it appears that it’s not being used as much this year.  

  • Hold an art contest involving the owl or other library aspect.

New leadership for next year

We need some new leadership for next year since we have a lot of seniors in it right now.  Feel free to volunteer.  We only meet about 2 times per semester.  

New cataloging system

We will be switching to a new cataloging system in December.  Other schools have started using it already, we are part of the second round for implementation.  It should help with our sharing of books with other libraries and better searching capabilities too.

New librarians

We have two new librarians at Watzek.  Chris Malinowski is the Science & Data Services librarian and Jeremy Skinner is the librarian for Special Collections, International Affairs, Political Science & Religious Studies

Space needs assessment project

A committee has been formed to evaluate the uses and needs of the areas in the library.  The old “learning center” in the library idea is off the table for now. One thing to look at is the service desk configuration.  When people walk into the library, the first thing they see is the reference desk which isn’t always staffed.  That’s not very welcoming. May look at combining the reference and circulation desks in some manner for a shared service center.  IT is also considering having some sort of a service desk that might serve the Help Desk, IMS, and Resource Lab in one place.  They need a bigger space.  Will also consider if there is a better configuration for the computer labs on the 2nd floor of Watzek.  Will look at having more group study rooms and perhaps a reservation system for them.  The student lounge is the only space in the library where students really are allowed to eat and it’s not very inviting.  Special Collections needs more space where they can work with students.  May move the audio/visual materials some where that is browsable instead of behind Circulation.  

The task force will be meeting every two weeks or once per month.  They are looking for a student representative to be on the task force.  Thank you Geneva Karr for volunteering!

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