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Watzek Student Advisory Committee Meeting
September 13, 2012

Students present: Erin Banks, Maraya Best, Allie Buss (student co-leader), Maggie Costello, Alix Finnegan (student co-leader), Maya Gold, Alexa Jakusovszky, Justin Midyet, Madison Poulter,Mali Smith, Ting Wei, Julia Withers, Nikki Ulug

Staff present: Mark Dahl, Anneliese Dehner (guest), Chel Pennock (recorder), Kate Rubick (staff coordinator).

Alix & Allie started with introductions and then gave a quick overview of the themes and projects that the SAC would like to accomplish this year.

  • Watzek Recess event planning
    • First thing we need to do is find out what our budget is.  The money usually comes from Student Life.  A couple of SAC representatives will need to ask for the funding. In the past this has gone through Jeff Feld-Gore, and that is where we should probably start this year.
    • Some ideas were offered to add to this year’s recess... Puppies!!! (Which most likely will not be happening) and “de-stress kits”, perhaps given as a drawing prize.
    • Keep thinking about activities and ideas for the next Recess.  We will do more planning at our next meeting.
  • Making library navigation more friendly with the possible addition of totem animal themes for the different areas library.
    • We discussed some iconic representation using animals frequently found on totems to represent some sections of the library.  It’s difficult to describe which section you’re in when your friends are trying to find you.  
    • Other ideas involved color coding or perhaps names of some sort, but we decided we wanted to stay away from actual names.
    • Seven areas were identified that could use a totem theme.
    • Anneliese from the library will come up with some design icons, like our owl.  The goal is to somehow use animals that are represented by the totems already in the library, but we’re not sure that they are distinct enough.  So other animals may have to be incorporated as well.
    • We will review some designs at our next meeting and see how they look in the stacks before going full-scale.
  • Single service point for help, instead of separate counters for circulation and reference.
  • How to make the library more present in the residence halls.

Mark Dahl, Library Director, had a few announcements pertaining to the library.

  • First off, the Library & Educational Technology Committee (aka LIbrary EdTech Committee) is looking for this year’s student representative.  The committee meets somewhere between monthly and twice a semester to discuss things that are related to technology and the library (e.g. XanEdu, ebooks, IT-related topics).  It’s a pretty easy job and it will look great on your resume!  More information about the committee can be found here: http://college.lclark.edu/faculty/governance/libedtech.php  Contact Mark or Chel if you’re interested.  The first meeting is Friday, Sept 21st at 3.
  • We had another bookshift over the summer.  Smaller than the last, but some of the D’s were brought down from the 3rd floor NW corner to the 2nd floor NE corner.
  • One of the balconies above the Reading Room is being modified to hold old yearbooks, art displays, etc.  It will be called the Pioneers Balcony.
  • Our digital image collection has been expanded with ArtStor.  More information can be found at http://library.lclark.edu/vrc/.
  • The library website has been updated with a sleeker look & nicer colors.
  • There was a little bit of a discussion about XanEdu and the course reserves and how it all relates to copyright rules.
  • The library will be hosting it’s annual Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecture on September 28 at 3 in Smith Hall.  Our speaker is Julie Evans of Project Tomorrow.  Come on by and join us.  More information about the lecture can be found here: http://library.lclark.edu/newsblog/2012/08/johannah-sherrer-memorial-lecture-3/

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