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Watzek Library Student Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

12:30-1:30 pm in Geary (Templeton)

Student Attendees: Hannah Camfield Bronstein, Monique Halgat, Caitlyn Homer, Justin Midyet, Carolyn Worthge, Tiffany Wang, Teresa Wisner

Staff Attendees: Jenny Bornstein, Rick Peterson, Kelly Wainwright (guest from IT), Kate Rubick (recorder)

Introductions & Announcements

Great turnout! There were two returning members and five new members—four of whom found out about the group at Piofair.

Piofair-Monique described our tabling efforts at Piofair. Although our table was in a bad location (and Piolog failed to list us in their directory of student organizations), we got seven students to sign up (all but one have followed up by joining the Facebook group). It was agreed that this is a great way to promote the group. Next year it would be good to get a better table location, to make sure our group is listed in the Piofair directory in the Piolog and also to have larger and more visible sign. Puppies and fireworks wouldn’t hurt either. And a student SAC member to sit at the table is an absolute must.

New Collaborative Work area and the experimental Writing Center space—with the help of SAC the library finished the collaborative work area in the atrium (near the IT Lab and the New Books area). Students were asked what they thought of the space and urged to go check it out if they had not seen it yet. The response was enthusiastic. Students like the furniture on wheels and having more couches. They also thought the large round tables were working well—functional, sharable space. The etiquette of sharing table space seems to be working well too. There was some concern about the signage in the experimental writing center area—current signage does not make it clear that the table can be used for general purpose when the writing center volunteer is not there. Kate has passed this information on to Dan Kelley, the librarian who is working with Susan Hubbuch from the Writing Center on this experiment.

New group study room—starting next month, the classroom (Watzek 245) will be open nights and weekends for an additional collaborative learning space. Details will be forthcoming.

LC WorldCat—students returning to campus may be surprised by the new discovery tool that serves as the default search on the library main page. To get to the old catalog, you must now click on the “classic catalog” link. In this group, students had not had a lot of experience yet with the new tool, but Hannah (who worked at the circ desk all summer) noticed that a lot of people have trouble differentiating between items at LC libraries and items at other libraries. They often bring call numbers to the desk and it turns out the items they are looking for are Summit library items. She wondered if it might be possible to have the default search go to just LC libraries. LC library holdings do float to the top, though, and having the default search go to LC libraries only would not be preferable to many users.

Volunteering opportunity with ACLU-Oregon for Banned Book Week

ACLU-OR is hosting an Uncensored Celebration, October 1 at Holocene. Unfortunately, Kate has now confirmed, the event is open only to people 21 and over. However, they still need volunteers to help publicize the event, so if you want to volunteer, please contact Evyn at ACLU-OR emitchell@aclu-or.org

SAC projects for the year/things the library could do to improve services

This was sort of a general brainstorming session to get students thinking about how the library could improve services and how we might focus our energies as a group in the coming year.

Library Space--Although the library does not have a budget for collaborative furniture like we did last year, we may be participating in a space study, led by a team of administrators and architectural experts. This study would address space needs and possible changes in the library including collection space, study space, staff space, departmental space, lighting, etc. If this study takes place, Watzek SAC will definitely be included in the process as a way of gauging the undergraduate students’ point of view on these issues.

Student Focus Group(s)

SAC members could put together a focus group of SAC students and other students to discuss issues of space in the library.

Library seminars

SAC members could coordinate a series of short seminars on library services to help publicize library issues and services.

New MS Word

There was some discussion related to student frustration with the newer version of MS Word. Since Kelly from IT was with us, she helped to field some of those questions. Cheat sheets are available from IT on using it.

Other suggestions or complaints:

  • Keyboards in reference lab are filthy.
  • Better signage is needed at library service desks (at least in the first few weeks of school). One banner on the ref desk to read ASK QUESTIONS HERE and a banner on the circ desk CHECK BOOKS OUT OR GET RESERVES HERE.
  • SAC should be on the screensavers
  • We need to do a better job publicizing availability of librarians via IM.
  • We need to post the reference desk hours on the reference desk. The hours we provide reference are fine for now (although one circ worker said she occasionally gets freaked out students at night who wish they could talk to a librarian). Having a librarian available via IM or email in the evenings might be useful.
  • We need to get better library coverage in the Piolog. Tiffany and Teresa are on the Piolog staff and it was suggested that they look into the idea of having a “what’s new at the library” section in Piolog every week or at regular intervals.
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