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SAC Meeting

April 4, 2013

Present: Kate Rubick, Mark Dahl, Alix Finnegan, Jules Zienkiewicz,Ting Wei, Gabrielle Yelland, Chel Pennock (minutes)

Teaching and Learning Center

Mark: The task force for the proposed TLC met for the third time just before spring break to go over discussions that have occurred about this idea among staff, faculty, and students. Some of the responses: scepticism about the need to bring services together in the same space on a campus this size; many people are happy with the library as it is; interest in coordinating the services more by student support staff and students; regarding the faculty development side of it, some faculty aren’t interested in faculty development, but newer faculty is; there is a sense that if it moves forward, it needs more concrete goals to be developed and then brought back to the discussion. The Dean suggested that it might be better to move first on the faculty side, then the student side since those student services are already available.  The library is looking at potential places (such as the Atrium) and how they are currently being used so we don’t give up what’s working well.  Another group is looking at potentially freeing up more space, such as giving up redundancy between print and electronic collections (journals and government docs).


Kate gave an update on the owl signage for the library zones.  She will be meeting with Anneliese tomorrow to finalize the colors.  Chel finally acquired the plastic holders.  After finalizing the colors we are hoping to get them printed and have some circulation students mount them for us before the end of the semester


Jules and Alix applied for 2013-14 funding and will be meeting next week to present the group and the budget for next fall.  They feel good that this will get approved.  This Spring’s recess will be presented this week and we should hear the week after that.

Spring Watzek Recess

Recess will be on Saturday May 4 and Monday May 6.  We’re not going to do anything for Friday night of Reading Days as we don’t think anyone will really show up for it.  

Kate & Chel will repeat the catering from last year.

Need Volunteers - Need SAC members to sign up to help run things, please recruit other volunteers as well

Will use the same massage therapists used in the fall. Chel will arrange for them.

Working on making the massages more fair... This year we will hand out a time tickets with their sign up time.  One ticket per student (can’t sign up all your friends).

Alix mentioned reaching out to the RA community for help with Recess

People really enjoy coloring.  The paper on the table is popular.  We have a giant roll of craft paper to supply Recess for many years to come!

Movies - Initially had trouble getting the sound going, then near the end of the first night, had it.  It was fine the second night.  Working on making sure it’s all fine beforehand for this year.  Jules will be movie person.

SAC has a Google Group

We have a Google Group available on LCApps.  Kate was thinking of moving away from Facebook since not everyone has it. And she has to “friend” someone in order to invite them to the FB group.  But it was discussed that maybe maintaining both platforms would be a good idea.  Chel will add everyone present at this meeting to the google group.  Please feel free to let others know about it as well and they can click to join.  It can be found here: https://groups.google.com/a/lclark.edu/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!forum/sacwatzek

Personal Librarian Service

Kate: Reed has a program designed to help the library connect better with first year students.  Librarians at Watzek are looking into this idea.  Currently our Librarians see more students during the E&D process, but not before that.  Many first year students don’t know anything about the library. At Reed they send a mailer to the students in the summer just before fall semester begins.  After classes start, an email goes out to let them know about the services. We would like to have something similar here.  As students, what do you think? They liked the idea of the postcard to students in the summer before they came to campus, but that emails after they arrive just add one more email to the deluge of things.  They did like the idea of librarians attending a floor meeting or having floors come in for tours, but they did not know if this was realistic either for RAs/students or for library staff.  Other ways for library to do outreach? Presence during E&D, more info on the screen savers, info about/near the ref desk, careful of info overload - lots of competition for time.

SAC for 2013-14

We need to pick some new leadership for next year. Who’s interested? Kate would like to nominate Ting! A few others may be interested too.  It can be a shared position again like Jules, Allie and Alix did this year.

Any project ideas for next year?


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