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Student Advisory Committee Minutes


Thursday, April 3, 2014, 12:30-1:30 pm

Library Classroom


We received funding to have four massage therapists at Spring Recess instead of two.  The budget hearing for next year went well.  We have a little more money left from last semester in the budget that we can use on this one… so more food!  And more coffee!  Will have more volunteers bring their electric kettles for the tea and cocoa. For organization, the therapists will be upstairs in the conference room and downstairs in the staff lounge.  We will have slips that are color-coded with the location.  Where should we do the massage sign-ups?  Not at the Ref Desk…

Kate has been in contact with the dog people.  Only the trained therapy dogs and their owners can be here, no campus people’s dogs.  We will set up some tea/cocoa & cookies in the dog room.

Let’s put up a sign to aid with some recruitment for next year.

Space Needs (Mark Dahl)

Thank you for taking the survey in January.  We are still looking at the results.  A few observations: 85% were average users of the library, a fair number who live off campus (46%) answered the survey.  Good reason to think about things to offer.  A third said they spend 2-4 hours a week in the library.  Quiet spaces are highly valued; 88% said it is important/very important.  It is the only place on campus where you can have that space.  Space to work with a group: 84% valued this as important/very important.  18% use the library collaboratively daily and 33% use it that way weekly.  More study rooms ranked as highly preferred; however, when we’ve looked at them during busy weeks in November, it was rare that they were all occupied.  There was some interest in a study room reservation system.  The comments had a lot requests for more comfy seating.  There were a lot of comments regarding the temperature.  The computer labs received a lot of complaints about knowing where to find help with the software.  Some resource lab changes that may be happening.

Chairs for 2014-2015

Our current chairs are graduating this year, so we need to select chairs for next year.  Lindsay Parmelee & Geneva Karr stepped up to be co-chairs next year.  Thank you!


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