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Watzek Library Student Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

12:30-1:30 pm in Gray (Templeton)

Student Attendees: Mari Aroxa, Monique Halgat, Caitlyn Homer

Staff Attendees: Jenny Bornstein, Jim Kopp, Rick Peterson, Kate Rubick (recorder)

Introductions & Announcements

There was a misunderstanding about the amount of money available for the collaborative furniture project. As a result, we had to downsize the project substantially. Furniture has been ordered for the 2nd floor areas near the new books and where the AV equipment currently resides. But furniture for the classroom and for the 3rd floor conference room will have to wait.

Library Services Satisfaction Survey Draft

The group looked over the draft and recommended modifications including:

  • Having the survey sent out by the SAC
  • Having an incentive—a drawing for free copy cards to entice students to participate
  • Publicizing it in Opportunities and Announcements
  • Having the survey address printing in some way—in part to educate the community about how printing is administered by IT.

Brainstorming for next year

Ideas that came out of the brainstorming included:

  • Ideas for publicizing an populating the SAC, such as representation at PioFair, Library News article, Screen Savers slide, flyers and posters in the Bon.
  • Ideas for how SAC members could further their roll as ambassadors of the library on campus such as, sponsoring an event in the library, a forum or a workshop. If the library does end up participating in a space study next fall, the SAC could host a focus group to get student feedback about use of space in the library. Otherwise, it could be an informational session about library or special collections.
  • SAC might pick a topic of focus for the coming year, such as ebooks, rental textbooks, or library services to alumni.
  • It was mentioned that IT might be interested in forming a SAC Committee of it’s own or in conjunction with ours. The group thought that having two separate groups that might collaborate at times would be the most useful approach.


Rick asked, once again, about how students were dealing with the new Summit catalog. Some students had Summit items returned before they were able to pick them up after spring break because they were returned too soon.

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