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Watzek SAC Minutes
April 13, 2010

Noon to 1 pm in Gray (Templeton)

Student Attendees: Caitlyn Homer, Justin Midyet, Tiffany Wang, Teresa Wisner

Staff Attendees: Stephanie Beene, Jenny Bornstein, Rick Peterson, Kate Rubick (recorder)


The group brainstormed changes or ideas for next year including:

  • Members would like more information and announcements via Facebook about things going on in the library.
  • Members would like to table at PioFair again.  Justin volunteered to assist Kate with that.  
  • Members might like to be more involved with library events such as Watzek Rocks and the Sherrer Lecture.  
  • Members agreed to have SAC meetings in the library next year instead of in Templeton.

Special guest Stephanie Beene and the VRC

Kate announced some potential changes to the library over the summer, including the addition of a Writing Center and a new Visual Resources Center space. Stephanie Beene was a guest at this meeting, to introduce herself as the new Visual Resources Coordinator and to talk with students about what they know/imagine/would like to see in a VRC.  Stephanie asked them, first of all, what they thought of when they heard the term "visual resources"  Students responded with ideas/questions, such as:--is that where the videos are?--is that where the microfilm is?--is that where we can check out video equipment?

One student had actually already visited the VRC because she had mistaken it for the place where she was supposed to get her passport photo taken.  The students discussed the current VRC location.  Staff helped clarify how visual resources differ from those things mentioned above, and set the context for how students might us a visual resource center, Stephanie asked if they had any advice for her as she comes up with a preliminary wish list for a new space.

Student suggestions included:

  • framed photos/art on the walls
  • cozy
  • good signage
  • inviting space
  • good lighting
  • comfy couches

They also had suggestions for getting the word out about the VRC (and other library services):

  • info at NSO
  • pamphlets
  • tours

Students' Experiences in the Library

Jenny and Kate solicited information from members about how students use the library, and how their use/experience of the library changes at the end of the term or from year to year.  Following is a summary of what each of them said:

  • Justin (first year):Uses library mainly for big projects, test preparation and group-work.  Not so much for reading.  Likes to come here to get in his "working zone."  Thinks of the library as a productive, distraction-free place . His favorite space to study is in the periodicals wing by the windows, but it can be crowded sometimes.  He has written 3 research papers this year.  His E& D section did not have a session with a librarian.  He mainly comes to the library at night and during the day on weekends.  And he usually brings his computer with him. He does not usually ask for help other than simple questions, directional and the like.
  • Teresa (first-year):Uses the library more this semester than she did last semester. Finds her dorm too distracting.  She does ask reference questions--in fact she had already met Stephanie one day while she was helping her at the reference desk. She has had to write two research papers this year.  She also comes to the library at night and she prefers studying in the upstairs study carrels.  She brings her own laptop and uses the library mainly for writing big papers.  Her E& D section did not have a session with a librarian.
  • Tiffany (first-year):Comes for large projects, also at night.  Needs help only with item location.  She reads in the library. She prefers to work in group study rooms or in carrels.  She uses the library for accessing course reserves and articles. Her E& D section did not have a session with a librarian.
  • Caitlyn (sophomore):She used to come a lot at night during her first year, but now uses the library predominately during the day, between classes.  She notices a lot of students who live off campus use the library in this way.   Says it seems like more the "place to be" for students then Templeton or the Dovecote. She used to lug her computer with her, but she mainly now uses the computers in the library.  Her favorite spot is in the collaborative furniture area over (between the microfilm and the IT Lab) because it is secluded.  She also uses the library for just playing on the Web.  She comes and does shorts bursts of work, "pit stops," she called them. She has not declared her major yet.
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