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Student Advisory Committee Minutes

Thursday, February 6, 2014, 12:30-1:30 pm

Library Classroom

Present: Jules Zienkiewicz, Gabrielle Yelland, Allison Correll-Buss, Maya Gold, Brynn House, Courtney Harris, Geneva Karr, Lindsay Parmelee, Kate Rubick, Mark Dahl, Chel Pennock

  • Watzek Recess once again was a resounding success.  

    • The food was good and seemed to last a while.  Everyone loved the candy. Volunteers want to remember to bring their electric kettles next time to keep the hot water plentiful.  A tablecloth would be helpful for covering the cart--keep it from getting raided.  

    • The dogs were a hit with the students. Kate said that the therapy dog people had great things to say about the event and that the students were all very respectful. They did express that they could have used more space.  Mark suggested that maybe next time we could use the TV studio in IT?  Or if we use the staff room again, maybe the tables could be cleared out of the room before hand.  One problem encountered was that the students overflowed the lounge before Jules could get the room ready. She recommends having 2 volunteers for that. Kate would also like to get dogs for both nights next time.

    • There were complaints that the same people signed up for massages on both nights.  So next time we will try to save the list from the first night to check against on the second night.  And please make sure people include both first and last name when signing up.  We might also try to use the double roll of raffle-style tickets next time.  Another suggestion was to move the the massage sign-up location to the reference desk.  This would help with crowds in the classroom at the beginning of the event and would also allow sign-ups to start at 7:50 so that those taking the 8 pm slots could be right on time.

    • Looking into at least 3 massage therapists for next time. Brynn & Jules will look into increasing our budget to cover that.

  • Lindsay and Geneva will be co-leaders for next year. Yay!!

  • Mark reported on the space needs committee’s survey that wrapped up on Tuesday.  The results aren’t fully analyzed yet, but right away we can see that many people are interested in more study rooms.  Circulation, however, has looked at study room usage (by checking hourly over the course of a week) and there was rarely a time when all of the rooms were full.

  • Print balance still continues to be a problem for some.  Jules mentioned that a print balance option where you get a set number of pages to print based on what your courses are would account for the differences in need based on majors.  Or maybe you get a block of more pages if you’re doing a capstone, etc.  

  • There was a discussion about the new catalog system (Primo) requiring too many logins and that it is difficult to tell if you’re in WorldCat or Summit.  Sometimes you’re seeing the holdings of other schools first and may accidentally request from Summit when we actually have it here.  It is also more difficult to narrow down the results.  The library is aware of these problems and are looking for solutions as we are able.

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