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SAC Minutes

February 21, 2013

Present: Jules, Courtney, Ting, Alix, Micah, Elaine Hirsch, Mark Dahl, Kate Rubick, Chel Pennock

Elaine Hirsch, Associate Director of Watzek, inquired about the Living and Learning Communities initiative, in which she is interested. Campus Living had focus groups with students and faculty on how to better integrate academic culture  into the residence halls.  They are considering a whole campus approach rather than separate academic and residence life identities.  They are looking at ways to bridge the gap between the academic and student life portions of college to enhance student learning and appreciation of the entire campus as a “learning environment”.  Elaine views the library as something that serves and bridges both identities.  Some academic libraries have personal librarians, where first year students are assigned a library liaison to contact and follow up with later in the year as needed.  There was some student interest in a library outreach program of this nature.

What are some ideas you have that she might bring back to the discussion? Ting liked the idea, she feels that the common-themed communities are very divided.  

What are some other ways for the library to do outreach? Some suggestions were: greater presence during E&D, more information on the computer screen savers, information about or near the reference desk, periodic check ins with first year students.  Be careful of information overload - the students have a lot of competition for their time and attention.

Teaching & Learning Center
Dean Jordan is interested in developing a center that is focused on student success and retention. The center could possess the following three elements. 1) Academic support: Bring students where they need to be in order to be successful. 2) Academic enhancement: Give students the tools and resources needed to succeed and create innovative projects; enhanced media or resource center; collaborative spaces; residence hall/academic outpost. It is not yet clear if the library and its services will be part of it.  Mark would like it that way.  3) Faculty development: The art and practice of teaching; resources for faculty development; consult with experts on teaching; a room with resources for teaching; and a communal space.  Right now it is still a concept, the next step will be to secure funding, and later find a space.  Mark suggested this group to help provide student input.

New Librarians
The library has been approved to hire two new librarian positions to replace two librarians who retired in the past year.  One will be a Sciences/Data Services Librarian, and the other will be Special Collections and Archives Librarian. The application and interview process will continue over the next couple months.

Watzek Recess
Alix and Jules will start the funding request for Spring Recess soon.  Also, this spring they plan to request funding for fall through ASLC. This year there will be three Reading Days (Friday, Saturday & Monday).  The group suggested maybe just having coffee on Friday, more activities on Saturday and Monday, and perhaps more massage therapists.

Zone Colors
Kate brought in color samples for the zone color coding.  The colors were designed to be earth tones in order to fit in well with the library, but that did make some of them a little vague.  So we may look into more traditional colors.
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