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SAC Meeting 11/8/12

Present: Ting Wei, Allie Buss, Alix Finnegan, Chel Pennock, Anneliese Dehner, Kate Rubick, Mark Dahl

Library Zone Signage
Anneliese brought two prototypes of totems which have already been shown to library personnel. Kate loves that this is a totally student generated idea and will be a visible presence and student stamp on the library.

Of the prototypes that Anneliese brought, we discussed that some of the totems can be confusing as to what animal they are.  So she offered using the Watzek Owl in white on a color background.  This idea was well-liked as owl has become so branded for Watzek.  It was also suggested that perhaps we could put the color name underneath for people who may have visual/color deficiencies.  Vote goes for the color owls.  Everyone agreed to go with the owls and color.

Mark suggested that we set up Facebook locations for each zone and students could “check in”.  It would be a way to promote the library and the Watzek FB page.  Maybe do some promotions and prizes associated with checking in.

Allie asked if the SAC have a page on the LC website.  We do not, but we are listed on the Watzek website and Facebook.  She would like to see more advertising of the SAC and see the meetings and events on the screens around campus.  Anneliese offered to help the group do that.

The next step for the location zoning is to come up with the colors. And do we want this to be ready by the beginning of spring semester?  Alix thought it would be great if it could be ready by spring, if possible.  She also mentioned having something about it written up in the Pio Log when it is finished.  Kate will coordinate with the group via email for the communication regarding colors and finalizing the details.  

Mark suggested we do a small test of the process before full implementation by putting the signage on some shelves and see how ti works.

Two options for posting them are to laminate and stick with double-sided tape or to use acrylic sleeves like are used for the call number signage.  There are 150-175 bookshelves and if we put signage on the end of each bookshelf we are looking at about 300 sleeves.  Acrylic sleeves could get fairly expensive.  There might be ASLC money available for this, Alix and Allie can look into applying for funding.  Kate feels that pursuing grant money should wait until next semester, and we still need to look into costs.  Staff will look into colors and mounting possibilities.  Then we will have the committee come take a peek and make some decisions.  After that we will look into the cost.  If it’s not very expensive, then we can just buy it.

Funding Watzek Recess
Allie and Alix met with Jeff to request funding for Watzek Recess.  In the past Jeff just approved the funding request, but it turns out that the ASLC has a fair amount of money that needs to be granted and they haven’t gotten many proposals. Jeff wanted them to fill out a grant proposal to ASLC.  The proposal was accepted, meaning they can meet with someone in ASLC to present their request.  They meet with them next week and about 24 hours later they will find out if they have been approved to receive the grant and for how much.  It’s not a hard process, but time consuming.  If they are not funded enough money, then they can ask Jeff for the rest.  

Another possibility for future Recess funding is through SAAB (student activity affairs board). We will probably have to do the request at the end of Spring semester when we are registering SAC as an official student group for the following fall. May be able to get funding for the full year.  Tracking this year’s budget will make it a lot easier to know how much we would like to request for next year.

Watzek Recess
Things that need to be in place:

  • Catering and reserving massage therapists for both days. (Chel)
  • Bon order: chips & salsa for 40/night, crudite with ranch for 30/night, 8 dozen cookies assorted & budget buster, 4 towers of coffee, & ice water.  Student’s brought in their own hot water for the tea.
  • Costco food: cocoa packets, tea, candy (chocolate variety & fruit variety), cups, carrots, snap peas, celery, chips.  Kate will look into what we still have and get what we need as well as set up the carts for each night leave them in Circulation.
  • Do we need new coloring books & markers & crayons? Board games should still be fine.  Kate will assess what we still have.  Chel will get an endroll of newspaper.
  • Anneliese will make the same table tents as last year and two posters, one for the library and one for Fields.
  • Alix & Allie will put volunteer signups on Facebook (4 volunteers each night).
  • Alix will pick out some childrens books.
  • Allie will select movies either from the library or Netflix/elsewhere.

Last year they couldn’t get the Wii to work on the flatscreen or log on to the computer to use the projector for movies.  We can probably them access to the projector if needed.  They will come in early to test the system and make sure everything works right for them.

Announcements by Mark
Next week, Thursday, 11/15, from 6-7:30, there is an exhibit reception for the Modernism exhibit that is on display outside of Special Collections.  Refreshments will be served.  Please come by.  More info: http://library.lclark.edu/newsblog/2012/10/kauffer-exhibit-reception/

Also interesting this year we have seen fewer book check outs and decreased use of Summit.  We will be conducting a survey on use of summit and ebooks.   Please encourage your friends to take the survey.  It will be on the library home page.  There will be a chance to win something like an ereader or a small tablet.  Stay tuned..

Kate mentioned the library will be presenting our First Year Research Awards for students who showed exemplary work in the library research portion. The recipients are Emma Post, Kevin Boček  and Stanley Fonseca.  A reception will be held on Wednesday, 11/28, 4:30-5:30.  There will be food, please come on by.

Chel will work with IT to set up a google group for the Watzek SAC.  This should allow communication for those who aren’t on Facebook.  Students can opt in or opt out of the group as they want, they can also select how often they receive notifications by email.

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