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Watzek SAC Minutes

November 7, 2013

1-2 pm in the Library Classroom

Student attendees:  Allie Buss, Geneva Carr, Simon Duindam, Jenny Cormier-Foster, Courtney Harris, Devin Hoover, Brynn House (student co-chair), Gabrielle Yelland, Jules Zienkiewicz (student co-chair)

Staff attendees:  Mark Dahl, Chel Pennock (recorder), Kate Rubick

Update on space needs task force from Mark

The space needs group has met twice now and they are looking at ways to improve Watzek study and computer lab spaces and service points as well as ways to improve access to physical collections. They want to get input from many different channels and will be doing a survey to assess usage and opinions of the library.  They would like to test the survey before it goes out to all and are looking for volunteers from this group.

If you have any ideas to improve the library, let any of us know and we’ll pass it on to the group.  Feel free to also suggest how we should distribute this survey to students?  Do you have any Incentive ideas such as flex points for the Bon, Amazon or iTunes cards? A greater number of small incentives provides more opportunity to win something. It would also be good to have some professors announce the survey as well.

Watzek Recess Thursday, December 12 and Friday, December 13

We probably won’t have puppies, but plans are in the works to get some therapy dogs.  Jason Feiner is the point person for this and is in contact with Pet Partners in Vancouver, WA and the Oregon Humane Society, who are connecting us with therapy dog/trainer teams.  Where to have them? Student lounge? Staff lounge? Video lab in IMS area? Reference office?  We don’t know yet how many we can get and we may only be able to get them for one night, which night is better? Decided on Friday.  Note: dogs were only available on thursday so we went with Thursday.

The massage therapists, Robert and Stephanie, are ready to go.  Should we do tickets again?

We need 8 student volunteers across the two nights.  Brynn and Jules will put out the call on FB.  Jules will pick the movies.  

Please take lots of pictures.  Student Organizations Committee loves to see proof of a successful event!

Library Improvement Suggestion

Laptop and other device chargers for check out at circulation.  Note:  IMS does check out various chargers at their equipment desk


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