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Watzek SAC Minutes
Thursday, November 3 noon to 1 pm

Watzek Library Classroom
Staff:  Kate Rubick (convener and recorder), Chel Pennock, Robyn Ward
Students:  Allison Correll-Buss, Alix Finnegan, Courtney Harris, Brynne House, Julianne Zienkiewicz

1. Kate reported on the history of the Watzek Recess Events, particularly details related to the budget and expenditures from the spring 2010 events.  Student Life contributed $800 to the events last spring, which covered all expenses, including catering, pinata, giveaways and the hiring of the two massage therapists.

2.  The group brainstormed ideas for the Fall 2011 Watzek Recess Events which will take place from 8-10 pm on Thursday, December 8 and Friday, December 10.

Activities (in the library classroom except as noted):

  • Massage therapy -10 minute sessions in the 3rd floor conference room
  • games including chess, candyland, chutes and ladders, twister, apples to apples, card games, etc.
  • DDR and Guitar Hero
  • the large conference table will be covered in butcher paper and crayons will be provided

The decision to have the DDR and the Guitar Hero on the TV in the classroom may mean that more noise than usual will be heard in the second-floor quiet areas.  SAC members will make sure there is a volume cap and SAC will provide signs for those tables warning that it might not be the quietest of zones on those two nights.

Food will be served and consumed in the classroom only and will include (for each event):

  • chips and salsa (with extra chips)
  • veggies and dip (with extra carrots)
  • cheese tray
  • 6 dozen cookies
  • coffee and tea (and packets for hot cocoa)


  • television monitors in library and Templeton
  • Opportunities and Announcements (Annalisa Peterson)
  • Poster for foyer (Anneliese Dehner)
  • Piolog--Alix will talk to the Piolog about an announcement in the last issue.
  • Library News
  • Word of Mouth, the day of
  • paper signs for tables (warning of noise)--Anneliese Dehner


  • We need students to sign up for shifts--2 students per shift per night for the slots--7:30-9 and 9-10:30.  So at least 8 students will be needed to staff these two events.
  • Students in the 7:30-9 shifts will need to set up (games, paper on tables, coloring station, tape marking way to massage, sign up for massage, etc.
  • Students in the 9-10:30 will need to tear down at 10--clean up games and tape, etc. and return materials to the circulation desk.

Action items:

Brynn and Jules will contact Jeff Feld-Gore in Student Life in hopes of securing their support for the events this year and (hopefully) on a continuing basis

Jules will bring her DDR and Guitar Hero

Alix will talk to the Piolog about including an announcement in the final issue.

Kate will call and reserve the massage therapists

Kate will shop for games and cards, fruit flavored “non creepy” candy and crayons, and possibly supplemental snacks

Kate will go through supplies from last year and reserve those things that can be used again (NOT the creepy candy)

Kate will talk to Anneliese about making poster and paper tents for tables

Kate will post call for student volunteers on FB and SAC members will sign up and nag their friends to sign up!

Chel will reserve the 3rd floor conference room for the massage space

Chel will communicate with the Bon about the possibility of us supplying some additional snacks from Costco.

Chel and Kate will place the order and Chel will request for it not to be picked up till the next morning in case there are leftovers...

Chel will contact Housekeeping about doing some bathroom maintenance for those days.

This page maintained by Kate Rubick rubick@lclark.edu. Updated 10 November 2011 .