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Watzek SAC Minutes
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

noon-1 in the library classroom
Student attendees:  Monique Halgat, Courtney Harris, Caitlin Homer, Justin Midyet, Tom Rodriguez, Gabrielle Yelland
Staff attendees:  Jenny Bornstein, Mark Dahl, Kate Rubick (convener and recorder)

Business from last meeting:

We have acquired a microwave to replace the one absent from the student lounge.  The wiring needs to be checked out by facilities before it can be installed.  

Monique Halgat is the SAC rep to the Library Ed Tech Committee and Hannah Camfield-Bronstein is the SAC rep to the Watzek Marketing Team.

Furnishing projects in the classroom, the third floor conference room, and in the collaborative furniture areas are now complete.  Students seemed to like the changes.  A new space has been proposed to expand the conversational seating area--at the top of the main staircase on the landing--taking advantage of the space and the window views.

Students commented on HVAC issues.  Mark said that those issues were scheduled to be looked into, but all agreed that in large, old buildings that have undergone substantial rennavation, HVAC issues are par for the course.  If specific areas are noticeably too hot or cold, please report issues to the administrative office in Watzek Library.  

Reading Days Study Break:

CAB (Campus Activity Board) has offered to co-sponsor this event.  Courtney Harris is the CAB contact in SAC.  The events will take place on Thursday December 9 and Friday December 10 from 8-10 pm.   Other activities might include some yoga and/or meditation exercises.  Kate did check and the library is open 24 hours/day during reading days.  

Things to do:

Library staff will reserve the classroom (done 11/19 KR) and provide snacks (hot, caffeinated bevs and cookies or sweets)--either through campus catering or store-bought.  

Jenny will provide some games that were utilized for the recent game event.

Kate will provide coloring books and crayons.

Kate will contact Athletics to see if there is a staff member or student recommendation for yoga and/or meditation. Update:  Kate emailed Mark Minty on 11/19

The Marketing Team will provide a sign for the event

Justin will connect with a student he knows who does yoga

CAB will provide people for set up and hosting and  clean-up

SAC will provide people for set up and hosting and  clean-up

For each 2 hour a event we will need:

2 students to set up from 7:30-8

2 students to roam and greet people from 8-8:30

2 students to check in on the event at 9 and at 9:30

2 students to arrive at 10 for cleanup until 10:30

So that is a total of 8 students per event.  Kate will put together a schedule of CAB and SAC student volunteers.

Dith Pamp (student body president) may be able to send an all-student email to publicize this event.