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Watzek Library Student Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

noon-1 pm in Gray (Templeton)

Student Attendees: Mari Aroxa, Monique Halgat, Jesse Heiman, Andrew Shaw-Kitch

Staff Attendees: Jenny Bornstein, Jim Kopp, Kate Rubick (recorder)


Kate mentioned that since four out of the six students on the committee are seniors, it would be very helpful if this year’s committee members could help to recruit other interested students, particularly first and second-year students.

Access Services’ Report from Jenny Bornstein(in place of Rick Peterson)

The Summit Interface change will begin on December 1.  Some functionality (e.g. renewals) may not be available between December 1 and the end of the term.  By the beginning of the spring term, the new interface should be stabilized.  Some institutions have been testing the new system, so some of the technical bugs and so forth have been worked out already.  Rick is one of the leaders for training staff on the use of the new interface, so Watzek will be a in very good position for a smooth transition. 

Marketing Committee Report from Jenny Bornstein

Projects of the Watzek Marketing Committee include the screen savers on the reference computers, the Diversions Display (watch for an elections display in coming weeks), and Watzek Rocks.  The Marketing committee is working on soliciting bands for the January concert and would love SAC committee members to spread the word.  Also ideas for (really) inexpensive give-away items are always appreciated.  Email Jenny at jeb@lclark.edu if you have ideas.  Jenny asked the group how students typically find out about events on campus.  The list of places included:

  • email (especially the Opportunities and Announcements weekly notice sent out by the CAS Dean of Students and the This Week at L&C email sent out from submissions to the Web Calendar)
  • Posters on library entry balcony
  • Library News

Director’s Report from Jim Kopp

Jim summarized the State of the Library document, which he sent out to faculty at the beginning of the year.  In his 10th year here, Jim thought it would be good to communicate the changes he has seen in the library since he began and also to forecast what issues we may be discussing in coming years.   Collections, particularly journals, and how we should provide access to them (print or electronic) is one such issue.  Also how we should be building our print monograph collection in relation to other Orbis Cascade Alliance member institutions.  Jim also mentioned the acquisition of the Stafford archives, which now occupies the room known as the Stafford Room in the library (formerly a group study room).  And he touched on issues related to other group study space in the library, such as whether those spaces should be available to reserve.  He also summarized the work of the General Education Task Force that is working to put together some recommendations for the curriculum committee.  One of the items they are considering is how to (or if to) incorporate the Information Literacy requirement.  For more information, or to receive a copy of the State of the Library document, email kopp@lclark.edu

Collaborative Furniture Discussion led by Kate Rubick

In light of a library project to purchase collaborative furnishings and related equipment, Kate asked committee members to answer some questions and/or mark up library maps to indicate where in the library students like to work independently (and quietly) and where they work in collaboration.  She also asked members to explain what the phrase “collaborative furniture” meant to them.  Below are the questions asked with collected responses to each:

  1. Where do you go in the library when you want to:

    a) work alone

    • Mac lab ( 2 students said this)
    • Downstairs between microform and reference
    • Upstairs at tables in the NC-QA area overlooking the Pamplin room (2 students said this)
    • Study rooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Reading Room
    • Downstairs Tables along the current periodicals/periodicals A-L
    • Upstairs tables along Periodicals M-Z, books QB-Z
    • Second floor carrels

    b) work together with others

    • Study room in library (4 students said this)
    • Classroom outside of the library (2 students said this)
    • William Stafford Room (before it became the archives location)
    • Pamplin Room
    • Reading Room
    • Conference Room
  2. What do you like about how those places work now?  How could they be improved?
    • Using headphones helps create privacy
    • Hard to work in groups in the library because people are bothered by the noise-you get shushed
    • Would be nice to have a non confined space for group study
    • You can hear through the walls (2 students said this)
    • The silence and privacy of the library is a big plus
    • The furniture is bad and there are not enough study rooms
    • I never see students working in the carrels around books D-F
    • Study carrels feel too restricted-can’t spread out
    • Study carrels are good for privacy
    • Study rooms are great for escaping whispering and distraction
    • Need better wifi access
    • Need comfortable temperature
  3. When you hear the term collaborative furniture-what comes to mind?

    Ideas gained from attending the Sherrer presentation-dynamic, movable furniture

    • Sofas/couches (2 students said this)
    • Big tables with comfy chairs in a setting in which silence is not required
    • Round Tables with access to power

2008-2009 Student Members

Mari Aroxa                                    Junior                  Communication/Psychology

Monique Halgat                          Sophomore        Communication

Jesse Heiman                                Senior                  East Asian Studies

Andrew Shaw-Kitch                     Senior                  English                                                        

Elliot Smith                                    Senior                  Philosophy

Sage Coe Smith                           Senior                  Biochemistry/Mol Bio                

2008-2009 Library Staff Members

Kate Rubick                                   Reference/Instruction Librarian           rubick@lclark.edu

Jim Kopp                                        Library Director                                        kopp@lclark.edu

Jenny Bornstein                           InterLibrary Loan Specialist                    jeb@lclark.edu

Rick Peterson                                Access Services Manager                       rjp@lclark.edu

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