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Library Information

New Library Catalog

What is the new catalog?

Primo is the new catalog that includes materials available at L&C and Summit libraries. You can search for books, articles and more in a single search box and then filter your search results.

Why are we changing to Primo?

The switch to Primo is part of a major cooperative effort by the Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) to consolidate all 37 institutions’ holdings into one single, shared library system. This move will allow for collaborative collection development and more cooperative workflows. Since it is managed “in the cloud,” libraries will no longer need to maintain servers and manage separate systems. It should also offer opportunities for improved services down the line.

Letter from the Library Directors about the New Catalog

Known Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Check back often.. we'll be updating these as we have new information to share.

  • Can I still access the same materials?

    Yes, the same excellent collections are available to you, including books, articles, and more from the collections of the Lewis & Clark Libraries, Summit, and Interlibrary Loan, though the way you find these things will be a bit different.

  • What do the colored dots next to my results mean?

    These color coded indicators let you know at a glance the availability of an item.  In general they denote the following:

    Green – Available locally, as an online resource or a physical item in the noted location. Check the "Find & Request" or the "View Online" tabs for access options.

    Yellow – Not currently available locally, but you may be able to get a copy via Summit. Check the "Find & Request" tab to get more info and a link to the Summit catalog.  

    Grey – For books and other physical items, this indicates our local copy is currently unavailable and it is not available via Summit. Though you can submit a request via Interlibrary Loan or place a hold on our local copy using the links on the "Find & Request" tab.
     The gray dot next to an article means that it isn’t available via full-text. You can submit a request for these through Interlibrary Loan using the link on the "Find & Request" tab.

  • How do I place a Summit request?

    The new system makes it easy to request an item from Summit. Items with the yellow dot are held in Summit. Use the “Find & Request” tab under each title in a search to find requesting options and item availability.  Summit searches will be even simpler once all Summit libraries transition to the new system (early 2015.)  

  • What about ILL requests?

    You can find many articles in Primo that can be requested via ILL. To find books and other physical items at libraries around the world, check WorldCat

  • Why do I have to log in?

    Services are customized and access expanded based on your Lewis & Clark affiliation. You will use your LC email username and password. If you don’t have one, you can access the catalog as a guest.

  • Can I still view my library account?

    Yes, you can still view your library account online. After signing-in you will be able to see all of your checked-out items, due dates, holds and renewal options.

  • What happened to WorldCat Local?

    WorldCat Local is no longer available. Search Primo for resources available at L&C and Summit libraries, and WorldCat for materials held by libraries worldwide. 

  • Can I still access the classic catalog?

    The classic catalog will no longer be available.  Use the scopes and facets during a Primo search to limit your search in the same way you could in the classic catalog, allowing you to limit results to only include materials available here at L&C.

  • Will the new catalog work on my mobile device?

    Yes. Primo’s mobile interface allows you to search the entire collection directly from your mobile device.

  • Does Primo work with citation management tools?

    Yes, you will be able to export results to various tools, although things may work a little differently than in WorldCat.

  • What if I had email alerts set up for new additions?

    Library staff are working on ways for new books notifications to work with Primo and this page will be updated as this feature is developed.

  • Can I still request items and have them delivered to Boley, Watzek, Grad, etc.?

    Yes, you will still be able to request inter-campus delivery to Boley Law Library, Watzek Library, and Rogers Hall on the Graduate Campus.  We will be limiting our Rogers Hall deliveries to Room 202 once the new system is in place. You will also be able to place holds on available items and pick them up at the Watzek Circulation Desk—please allow 24 hours for requests to be processed. 

  • Will faculty still be able to submit course reserve requests directly from the catalog?

    Unfortunately, a recent upgrade to Primo broke our reserve request feature. We are currently looking for an alternate solution. In the meantime, please use our reserve request form. If you have any questions about requesting reserves, please contact reserves@lclark.edu.

  • I have feedback on Primo.  Who can I talk to?

    We're committed to providing the same excellent service throughout the implementation, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you have along the way.  We’ve created a quick and easy web form for you to share your questions, comments and concerns about Primo.  You can also contact a librarian directly via email at librarian@lclark.edu or via phone at (503)768-7285.  

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