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Library Information

Library Support for Study Abroad Programs

Watzek Library is committed to supporting the research needs of our students and faculty who participate in LC study abroad programs. We recognize both the challenges and rewards of conducting research while overseas.

  • Access to materials

    Watzek can provide many resources to students studying abroad. Online journals, research databases and ebooks are directly available using an L&C username and password. Articles and individual chapters from print journals and books at Watzek and other libraries can also be delivered electronically through our Article Delivery service. Please use the appropriate interlibrary loan form and be sure to specify your program in the "Notes" field. For help with requests, send an email to ill@lclark.edu.

  • Getting research help

    Reference Librarians are available to help you find the information you need. In addition to our email and chat service you can also make an appointment to skype with Dan Kelley, a research librarian. His skype name is anodyne88.

  • Building the collections

    The library will actively build and maintain collections that support the research needs of our Overseas Programs, and will purchase electronic content whenever possible. Requests from faculty members and students who are abroad are a major source for building the library collection- please send recommendations to Dan Kelley.

  • Digital Initiatives

    Watzek Library's Digital Initiatives department has been experimenting with different ways to support overseas programs using images. In addition to providing a window into a couple LC Overseas experiences, the site serves as a discussion tool for the group during their time abroad. Program leaders can identify themes for study and assign projects to students. Students then post photos and descriptive analyses to meet these assignments. The group can then convene and discuss what they have posted. You can check it out here. Instructors or leaders interested in working with Digital Initiatives for a program should contact Jeremy McWilliams.

  • Archiving student work and creating "virtual libraries"

    Looking forward, we would like to create a digital archive of students research work while they are abroad similar to our student senior thesis database. We hope that the LC communities who are abroad will not only consume knowledge, but produce it as well. We are also in the initial stages of developing "virtual libraries" of secondary and primary sources using Zotero. We have started building one for our Ecuador program. Building a virtual library will improve the quality of the students work by allowing them to access and build on previous research done onsite, and also foster more collaboration between our campus in Portland and our communities overseas.

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