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Instruction Services

Library Instruction--Teaching Information Literacy

Watzek Librarians regularly partner with faculty to offer sessions designed to engage students in all levels of discovery and use of information resources, including:

  • Evaluating the authority of sources
  • Processes of information creation
  • The value of information to different audiences
  • Research as a method of inquiry
  • Scholarship as a conversation
  • The strategic exploration of search

For a more detailed look at the bullet points outlined above, please consult the Association of College And Research Libraries publication, Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

  • Library Instruction in Exploration & Discovery

    Watzek Librarians teach about 35 library instruction sessions for Exploration and Discovery each year. Most library instruction occurs in the spring.   Spring E&D course syllabi contain a learning outcome related to information literacy.  The suggested wording of the outcome is: students will "pursue original research leading to the production of a major essay, in which students will use appropriate research tools and sources to meet the information need."  Library instruction in E&D is designed to facilitate learning in this area.  Librarians will customize a session for you, and are available to assist with the assessment your students' information literacy proficiencies.  Features of library sessions for E&D courses include:

    • Course-specific research guides, pointing students to the most useful research tools for the assignment
    • Critical evaluation of scholarly sources
    • Introduction to Primo Search, and finding items in LC Libraries
    • Accessing materials using Summit borrowing and ILL services  
    • Using databases to find academic journals.
    • Librarian contact for follow-up help and research consultations

    Please contact Dan Kelley, the librarian liaison to the E&D program to schedule a session for your E&D section(s). 

  • Library Instruction in CAS Disciplines

    In a typical year, Watzek Librarians teach about 130 library instruction sessions for courses across CAS departments and programs, such as AES.  Instruction is tailored to the information need(s) of the students and may include specialized training related to the use of Watzek print, electronic, visual or special collections.  Please contact your librarian liaison or Kate Rubick, Instruction Services Librarian, to schedule a session for your class. You may also want to ask colleagues and/or your chair which courses in your department or program regularly utilize library instruction services. 

  • Library Instruction in the Graduate School of Education and Counseling

    In a typical year, Watzek Librarians teach about 10 library instruction sessions for courses in the graduate school.   Some sessions are general introductions, e.g. reseach tools in psychology; while others are specialized, e.g. childrens' literature at Watzek. Please contact Elaine Hirsch for library instruction in Educational Leadership, School Counseling, and Teacher Education and Kate Rubick for library instruction in Counseling Psychology. 

  • Librarian Pedagogy

    We may teach your students for only fifty minutes, but we are committed to making that time as useful for them and for you as it can possibly be.  When you schedule a session with us, know that we will work carefully with you as we prepare both the subject content and the pedagogical methods to be employed in the class.  These sessions are customized and vary greatly in content and methods used, but may include:

    • Creation and assessment of learning outcomes
    • Demonstration of resources
    • Class discussion
    • Library tours
    • Hands-on learning--interaction with both print and electroinc resources
    • Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)
    • Creation of specialized, online research guides
    • Use of technology to enhance learning
  • Watzek Library Classroom

    The Watzek Library Classroom (Watzek 245) may be reserved by IT and Library Staff for classes and meetings and other events.  Reservations are posted outside the classroom door.  When the room is not reserved, it is open for use as a group study space.  Features of our classroom that make it attractive for the kind of teaching we do include:

    • Seats up to 24 students comfortably--maximum seating 32
    • 15 laptops for hands-on learning
    • Interactive projector
    • Mobile furniture for a customized learning environment
    • Proximity to library collections
    • Relaxed space with comfortable seating and flooded with natural light

    If the library classroom is not available, or if you prefer, your library instruction session may also be taught in your own classroom or in labs across campus.  Please contact your librarian liaison or Kate Rubick, Instruction Services Librarian, to schedule a session. 

LC Faculty say...

"The library sessions for HIST 300 Historical Materials have long been a critical component of this course."

"The session was interactive and tailored to our specific course's challenges in image research."

"I really liked the opportunities included for students to engage with print materials and databases and get a feel for how things worked."

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