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Watzek Connections

A series of informal workshops designed to provide a forum where faculty can exchange ideas with each other about teaching students how to conduct research, new collections, and the changing environment of scholarly communication. We also will improve student learning by fostering faculty connections to our librarians and our collections.

If you have questions or ideas for future programs please contact librarian Daniel Kelley

Fall 2014

  • A visit to the Portland Art Museum
  • Tuesday, December 9 from 3:30-5:00 at the Portland Art Museum.
    This Is War! Graphic Arts from the Great War offers a look at World War I through the themes and voices that dominated the graphic arts of the time. Trench warfare, soldiers on leave, life on the home front, the influence of posters in supporting the war effort, and the role of periodicals such as Kriegszeit (Wartime) in disseminating the graphic arts as well as the political messages of the day are among the subjects explored.


Spring 2014

  • Improving PRIMO for faculty use.
  • Tuesday, March 18 from 3:30-4:30 in the Library Classroom.
    An opportunity for faculty to provide feedback on (and ask questions about) our new catalog and discovery software called PRIMO.

Fall 2013

  • Teaching biology majors how to do research
  • Tuesday, October 22 from 3:30-4:30 in the Library Classroom.
    Please join us for a discussion that explores how we tackle and teach research skills within the curriculum in specific majors. Professor Greta Binford will start the conversation by sharing the Biology Department's approach, and we'll expand the discussion to examine approaches and threads of commonality across disciplines.

  • PRIMO New Catalog and Discovery Software
    Tuesday, November 19 from 3:30-4:30 in the Library Classroom.
    Librarians will introduce faculty to the new search software which is replacing WorldCat Local and the L&C Classic Catalog. Drinks will be served.


Spring 2013

  • E-Books at L&C
    Wednesday, February 13 from 2-3 pm in the Library Classroom
    Jim Bunnelle (Collection Development Librarian) and Dan Kelley (Research Librarian) will share results from a local survey on E-books, then lead a discussion about the act of reading and changes in scholarly publishing. We hope to gather input from faculty to inform the way we purchase content for our academic community.

  • Research as a Process Sequence
    Wednesday, March 13 from 3-4 pm in the Library Classroom
    Becko Copenhaver (Professor of Philosophy) will share her Research as a Process Sequence (RPS) developed to engage students in research over the course of a semester, from first-year students to seniors.

  • Open Access at L&C College
    Wednesday, April 24 (tentative) from 3-4 pm in the Library Classroom
    Lydia Loren, a Lewis & Clark Law School faculty member with a specialization in intellectual property and copyright will provide an overview of on open access publishing in the scholarly environment. She will then engage faculty members in a discussion about the relevance of open access to various academic disciplines as well as the Lewis & Clark environment generally.

Fall 2012

  • Working with Data.
    Thursday, October 4, 3:30pm – 5:00pm in the library classroom.
    Andrea Sevetson of ProQuest will provide a training session on Statistical Insight and Statistical Datasets and we librarians will provide coffee and doughnuts.

  • Learning Outcomes in E&D.
    Wednesday, November 28 3-4:15 in the library classroom.
    Paul Powers (Professor of Religious Studies) will work with faculty to create some common Learning Outcomes for the Spring Semester of E&D and help E&D faculty to make individual ones as well.
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