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Library Annual Reports

Watzek Library Agenda

As we begin the 2012-13 academic year, I would like to highlight four major goals for Watzek Library for the year ahead. These goals support wider College themes of liberal arts inquiry, student scholarship, student retention, community engagement, and wise expenditure of resources. They are:

  • assess the value of our services and resources and act on those assessments to better meet the needs of our community
  • strengthen and broaden the impact of our support strategies for academic programs and tie them into themes highlighted in the College strategic planning process such as student scholarship and international education
  • engage the student community and the wider community to enhance their experiences with the College overall
  • strengthen the library organization by working across boundaries, rethinking internal processes

Assessing our services and resources will be essential in providing maximum value as we operate within a budget-constrained environment. With a significant number of electronic books now in our collection, we will be evaluating how this new format is being used by our community in more detail and adjusting our approach to purchasing e-books accordingly. We will also develop new approaches for gauging use of other portions of our collections including electronic journal packages. Furthermore, we will build on library instruction assessment efforts last year to gauge and improve the impact of our library instruction program.

In the coming year, there are a number of opportunities to enhance the way that we support student and faculty scholarship and teaching at the College, and these opportunities tie in with themes in the College strategic planning process including student scholarship and international education. From our position on the Exploration and Discovery Steering Team, we will be working to support information literacy in the Core program by helping design learning outcomes, sponsoring a faculty workshop on the research component of the course and teaching sessions in the Spring term of the program. We'll also be seeking out new opportunities to support bibliographic research in the major through instruction sessions, research consultations and renewed liaison relationships. Our support of the Graduate School will include expanding the library's summer hours to improve building access for students and providing additional resources that are remotely accessible, including streaming media and e-books.

Digital Initiatives will be continuing work on a number of projects such as Rabat Geneziah and Lewis & Clark Around the World while seeking to develop new projects with an emphasis on student involvement. Special Collections and Archives will build on a record number of student practicums and projects last year while continuing to develop unique collections that fit with curricular needs and existing collection strengths. Visual Resources will launch Shared Shelf, which should provide a more accessible platform for delivery images across the curriculum.

Besides providing academic resources and services, the library is a large part of the student experience at Lewis & Clark. In the coming year, we will work to ensure that the library remains a vibrant student space by continuing to foster a welcoming environment and hosting exhibits and events. We'll be reaching out to students through NSO activities and a wide range of marketing efforts and engaging the Watzek Student Advisory Committee to guide our efforts. As a large employer of Lewis & Clark students, we will begin an effort to professionalize the student work experience in library positions so that library student employees are better positioned as the move on to jobs beyond the College. The library is also an important ambassador to the wider community, and we will continue to welcome a variety of groups into the library, host events for parents and alumni, and support community-connected activities such as the LC Explorers program.

Finally, with a permanent director in place, we will have opportunities to improve the library's internal workings both organizationally and technologically. The Associate Director search will complete the library's leadership team and provide more capacity for coordinated initiatives, particularly in public services. It will be difficult to fill the gaps left by Stafford Archivist Paul Merchant and Coordinator of Research Services Joanna Haney as they retire this fall, but we will do so in a way that responds to evolving information needs on campus.

On a technical level we will be preparing to migrate to a new shared integrated library system through the Orbis Cascade Alliance, which may alter the way we do our back and front-room work. Furthermore, we will be enhancing our information delivery services through various projects that encompass e-books, electronic course materials, and on-demand acquisitions for books and journals.

We will also strive to find productive opportunities for collaboration across library and College divisions which should create more organizational cohesion and provide better service to our users. Some examples include coordination of our overseas support initiatives between Research Services and Digital Initiatives, collaboration on reference queries between Access Services and Research Services, and a shared initiative on educational technology with Information Technology.

The year ahead promises to be an exciting and dynamic one at Watzek Library and the College.

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