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Library Annual Reports

Annual Report 2003-2004


This annual report has been prepared to share information on the activities and accomplishments of the staff of the Aubrey R. Watzek Library during the 2003/2004 fiscal year. The report is presented as follows:

  • Summary - Brief descriptions of major accomplishments during the year - p. 2
  • Activities - Details of accomplishments made within specific departments or areas within the Library - p. 3
  • Library Events - Significant special activities undertaken within the Library during the year, including exhibits and lectures - p. 6
  • Statistics - Basic statistics on collections, services and facilities - p. 7
  • Goals - Major objectives for the 2004/2005 fiscal year - p. 8
  • Professional, Scholarly, and Community Activities - Activities of individual Library staff members during the 2002/2003 fiscal year - (Available in paper edition only)

This report was prepared from departmental reports and input from Library staff under the editorial guidance of Elaine Heras, Associate Director of the Library. If you have questions or would like additional information on any aspect of this report, please let me know.

Jim Kopp
Director, Watzek Library

Summary 2003-2004

2003/04 was a year of both planning and action. A program of strategic planning was begun in each of the library service areas: Public Services, Technical Services, and Systems. This self-examination and goal-setting exercise led to a variety of actions as well as a commitment to continuous planning.

A concerted effort was made to increase awareness of the Library and its services in the college community. Brochures were created and sent to both faculty and students, tours of the library were given during New Student Orientation, color posters advertising new services were displayed near the entrance, a screensaver featuring Library staff and services was created for the reference computers, and a committee was formed to develop an ongoing plan for promoting what the Library has to offer.

New services or enhancements were added. The most prominent of these was the in-house development of the Watzek Article Finder which enables database users to click on a "Get Item" button at the end of an article citation to see if the Library has the item in its collection or has electronic access to it. If not, the user has the option of clicking on "Interlibrary Loan" to request the item, without having to re-key the citation information. Other new services include "chat" reference, a daily delivery of requested library materials to the Graduate School campus, and a trial of electronic audio reserves for music classes.

In an effort to increase the information literacy skills of students, the librarians in conjunction with the Faculty Library Committee developed a list of research competencies that students should have at the various stages of their college experience. This document was presented to the faculty and individuals have worked toward incorporating these skills into the curriculum.

In the spring an online survey of students was conducted to assess their perceptions of library services and resources. In addition, interviews were conducted with Graduate School students, faculty and staff to find out how the library might improve its services to them.

A project was begun to add barcodes to each of the periodicals volumes in order to facilitate gathering of usage information. A shift was made from in-house paper binding of periodicals to commercial binding. The CD collection was classified into the Library of Congress system and genre headings were added to the CD catalog records.

The Archives and Special Collections staff helped prepare a national traveling exhibit, "Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition", and went to Philadelphia , Louisville KY , Boston , and Westfield NJ to set up, take down and monitor it. Items in the exhibit were drawn from the college´s highly prized collection of Expedition-related literature.


Access Services

  • Redesigned the electronic reserves Web pages
  • Redesigned the online interlibrary loan form
  • Developed a system for providing electronic audio reserves
  • Took responsibility for re-shelving periodicals
  • Checked out 104,916 items
  • Loaned 11,605 books through Summit
  • Borrowed 13,096 books through Summit
  • Loaned 7,430 items through interlibrary loan
  • Borrowed 5,525 items through interlibrary loan

Reference Services/Library Instruction

  • Answered 4,797 reference questions
  • Answered 4,033 directional and other inquiries
  • Provided library tours and/or instruction to classes for 67 groups (1,019 people)
  • Provided 57 research consultations
  • Hired a full-time temporary Reference and Instruction Librarian
  • Created course-specific pathfinders for several classes
  • Updated the TILT tutorial
  • Implemented and publicized "chat" reference service
  • Helped develop the Research Competencies document, which was presented to faculty by the Faculty Library Committee

Collection Development/Liaison Activities

  • Began review of older volumes of periodicals for possible withdrawal
  • Discussed Library resources and services with candidates for several faculty positions and gave them tours of the facility
  • Informed faculty of new library materials or databases in their area
  • Tested new electronic resources and added four new database subscriptions


  • Documented book acquisitions procedures
  • Shifted from in-house to commercial binding of periodicals
  • Planned and began project to barcode all serials volumes
  • Began project to change holdings statements on serials records to MARC format
  • Hired and trained a new Technical Services Assistant
  • Placed 6,945 orders for books and audiovisual materials
  • Received 260 gift books
  • Checked in 9,445 serial issues, plus 743 in microform
  • Added 31 periodical titles
  • Cancelled 21 periodical titles
  • Added 1,177 bound periodical volumes


  • Cataloged 8,252 titles to add to the Library's collection
  • Classified sound recordings in the Library of Congress system
  • Added genre headings to catalog records for music CDs
  • Began project to add genre headings to video and DVD catalog records
  • Completed reclassification of the children´s literature collection to the Dewey Decimal system
  • Surveyed Special Collections items to determine which are still in need of cataloging
  • Resolved backlog of government documents problems

Library Technology and Web Site

  • Acquired unlimited order records for the library catalog
  • Developed a staff Web site
  • Designed, built and installed an OpenURL resolver (Watzek Article/Book Finder)
  • Installed new Web server and configured it to also provide applications for Boley Law Library
  • Moved electronic reserves to new Web server and implemented new authentication system
  • Improved Library Web applications including improvements to the journal title search, audio/video browsing system and the electronic resources editor
  • Investigated, purchased and installed chat reference software
  • Updated and improved Library Web pages

Special Collections and Archives

  • Responded to 600 requests for Archives information
  • Answered over 1,000 requests for information in regard to Special Collections
  • Had 200 visitors/researchers to the Lewis & Clark Heritage Room
  • Gave 22 presentations to various groups on Lewis & Clark Expedition publications
  • Gave curricular assistance to four campus classes
  • Digitized the Albany College photograph collection
  • Received gifts of Vern Rutsala´s publications and poetry journals, publications and manuscript materials of Erskine Wood and Charles Erskine Wood, and two rare first editions of Ivan Kruzenshtern, and John Meares
  • Traveled to Philadelphia , Louisville KY , Boston , and Westfield NJ to set up, take down and monitor the "Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition" traveling exhibit
  • Presented two exhibits for Aubrey R. Watzek Library and prepared catalogs for them
  • Supervised two practicum students and two volunteer workers
  • Updated and expanded the Archives and Special Collections Web site


  • Did strategic planning for Public Services, for Technical Services, and for Systems
  • Conducted an online student survey on library services and resources
  • Conducted interviews to assess the Library´s service to the Graduate School
  • Expanded Sunday hours by opening two hours earlier
  • Participated in New Student Orientation week
  • Created brochures on library services for students and faculty
  • Changed location of the Quiet Study Area
  • Continued inventory of the Library collection

Library Events


The Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. A traveling exhibit from the collection of Lewis & Clark College . Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, May-September, 2003; Louisville Free Public Library, September-December 2003; The Boston Athenaeum, January-April 2004; Westfield Memorial Library, Westfield New Jersey, May-July 2004 . Prepared by Doug Erickson, Jeremy Skinner and Paul Merchant.

A World of Difference: Portland Women of the YWCA, 1901-2000. Lewis & Clark College Watzek Library, September-December, 2003. Prepared by Doug Erickson and Jeremy Skinner.

A Century of Oregon Poetry. Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark College, February-May, 2004. Prepared by Doug Erickson and Jeremy Skinner.

Diversions. A rotating display of books from the Library´s collections selected by Library staff members on a particular theme. Managed by Dan Kelley.

New Books. A continuing display of the most recent two months of new books acquired by the Library.


5 th Annual Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecture. October 8, 2003. Council Chamber, Templeton Student Center . This was a panel presentation on "The Changing Face of Service". Panelists were Patty Cutright, Director of Libraries at Eastern Oregon University; Victoria Hanawalt, College Librarian at Reed College; John Helmer, Executive Director of the Orbis Cascade Alliance; Elaine Heras, Associate Director of the Aubrey R. Watzek Library at Lewis & Clark College; and Scott Smith, Regional Sales Manager for Blackwell´s. A reception followed the lecture. Several of the papers are to be published in Advances in Library Administration and Management



Books & Periodicals   

Total Volumes (June 2004)       291,400

Volumes Added 03/04                11,500

Total Titles (June 2004)            208,700

Titles Added 03/04                      7,300

Periodical Subscriptions   

Paper                                          1,390

Microform                                        250

Electronic                                        900

Microform Items                     461,000

Audiovisual Materials               13,840

Services 2003/04


Checkouts & Renewals             119,360

Summit Lending                           13,150

Summit Borrowing                        11,600

Reserves (not including electronic) 11,865

Interlibrary Loans   

ILL Lending                                7,430

ILL Borrowing                             5,530

Reference Desk Inquiries         8,840   

Library Instruction Sessions         67

Visitors to Library (gate count) 373,200

Building & Facilities

Total Square Footage            104,000

Library Seats                               520

Group Study Rooms                      11

Public Reference Computers        23

Goals for 2003/04

The following goals have been identified as priorities for the Library and its departments in the coming year:

  • Work with faculty to integrate information literacy into the curriculum.
  • Organize and present a series of programs on information literacy collaboration using the remainder of the Murdock grant.
  • Plan and utilize a Library classroom for teaching information literacy skills.
  • Increase awareness in the L&C community of the library and its services through a variety of marketing efforts.
  • Expand and improve library materials delivery system.
  • Improve the interlibrary loan request system.
  • Make the audio-visual collections available for browsing by patrons.
  • Complete the inventory of the book collection.
  • Digitize vinyl LPs for preservation purposes.
  • Set up a digital image management system in conjunction with the Slide Library.
  • Fully implement audio reserves.
  • Redesign the online public access catalog (OPAC).
  • Implement electronic resource management (ERM) module on library system.
  • Implement a "New Books" Web page and notification system.
  • Barcode bound serials volumes.
  • Change holdings statements on serials records to MARC format.
  • Dismantle card catalog shelflist.
  • Review collection development policies with faculty.
  • Begin collection assessment of selected subject areas.
  • Review periodicals to determine whether title and formats meet current needs.
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