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Library Annual Reports

Annual Report 2002-2003


This annual report has been prepared to share information on the activities and accomplishments of the staff of the Aubrey R. Watzek Library during the 2002/2003 fiscal year. The report is presented as follows:

  • Summary - Brief descriptions of major accomplishments during the year - p. 2
  • Activities - Details of accomplishments made within specific departments or areas within the Library - p. 3
  • Library Events - Significant special activities undertaken within the Library during the year, including exhibits and lectures - p. 6
  • Statistics - Basic statistics on collections, services and facilities - p. 7
  • Goals - Major objectives for the 2003/2004 fiscal year - p. 8
  • Professional, Scholarly, and Community Activities - Activities of individual Library staff members during the 2002/2003 fiscal year - (Available in paper edition only)

This report was prepared from departmental reports and input from Library staff under the editorial guidance of Elaine Heras, Associate Director of the Library. If you have questions or would like additional information on any aspect of this report, please let me know.

Jim Kopp
Director, Watzek Library

Summary 2002-2003

Considerable work was done during the past year in three major areas: improving the Library's Web site, dealing with the changing face of serials, and developing and documenting Library policies. It was also a banner year for Special Collections with the celebration of the beginning of the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The information literacy project came to a close with the departure of its coordinator, but strategic planning for the Library was begun. Below are some of the significant accomplishments of the year.

A committee was formed to redesign the Library's Web site. Major changes were made throughout the site including the implementation of a template system for static pages and a database-driven system of organizing electronic resources, the addition of print sources to the subject "research guides" and annotations for the databases, as well as a face lift for the whole look and feel of the site. New content was added to the Library Information pages, a database of the Library's audio-visual materials was initiated, and a staff page containing policies and other important documents was created. A usability study was undertaken, and several changes were made as a result of the findings.

Because of the great increase in the availability of journals in electronic format and the escalating price of serials in any format, a procedure was initiated to keep track of the use of the print titles the Library receives. Improvements were made to the searching features of the Library's journal title database. As a result of the 2001/02 serials evaluation, 129 periodical titles were cancelled and 61 new ones were added. An additional 82 electronic titles were obtained through an expansion of the Library's subscription to Project Muse. Non-current periodical titles that were no longer relevant to the curriculum were identified and withdrawn from the collection.

A general collection development policy was developed for the Library, and the liaison librarians drafted policies for each of the academic departments for which they have responsibility. Library policies were collected and/or documented, refined and created in order to produce a Library staff handbook and to make them available on the Library Web site.

Special Collections and Archives saw the publication of The Literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Bibliography and Essays , after months of intensive labor on the bibliography. The staff assisted in producing and displaying a traveling exhibit on the literature of the Expedition that began its journey at the Jefferson Library at Monticello for the opening of the national Lewis and Clark Expedition Bicentennial.


Access Services

  • Redesigned the electronic reserves Web pages.
  • Checked out 86,500 items.
  • Loaned 11,051 books through the Orbis consortium.
  • Borrowed 10,959 books through Orbis.
  • Loaned 7,606 items through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Borrowed 5,172 items through Interlibrary Loan.

Reference Services/Library Instruction

  • Answered 5,718 reference questions.
  • Answered 4,118 directional and other inquiries.
  • Conducted usability testing of Library's home page.
  • Provided library tours and/or instruction to classes for 41 groups (677 people).
  • Established a research consultation service.

Collection Development/Liaison Activities

  • Finished review of all serials holdings to cancel unnecessary titles and to reduce subscriptions to multiple formats (print, microform, electronic).
  • Created subject pages or pathfinders that include both electronic and print resources.
  • Revised the Library's general collection development policy and drafted policies for individual subject areas.
  • Discussed Library resources and services with candidates for several faculty positions and gave them tours of the facility.
  • Apprised faculty of new library materials or databases in their area.
  • Tested new electronic resources and added eight new database subscriptions.

Information Literacy Project

  • Developed a tutorial, "Avoiding Plagiarism," for the Inventing America classes, using the Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) software.
  • Implemented (with Information Technology) a mobile computer lab for instruction/training purposes.


  • Began using Blackwell's Collection Manager for ordering books.
  • Initiated use of electronic invoicing.
  • Re-formatted holdings statements to conform with standard formatting.
  • Received training on and implemented the Web-based Innovative Interfaces (III) Millennium acquisitions module.
  • Initiated procedure for keeping usage statistics for periodicals in print format.
  • Reviewed and withdrew non-current periodical titles no longer of use.
  • Reviewed and modified binding policy.
  • Placed 6,615 orders for books and audiovisual materials.
  • Received 512 gift books.
  • Received 835 volumes from standing orders.
  • Checked in 9,445 serial issues, plus 743 in microform.
  • Added 143 periodical titles.
  • Cancelled 129 periodical titles.
  • Shelved 30,916 periodicals and newspapers.


  • Reclassified the children's literature collection into the Dewey Decimal classification system from the local system that had been in place.
  • Cataloged 11,217 items to add to the Library's collections.

Library Technology

  • Created a database-driven system for organizing electronic resources.
  • Implemented III Millennium acquisitions module on the Library's integrated online system and coordinated III training.
  • Maintained the library's journal title database.
  • Created a database for the library's audio-visual collection.

Special Collections and Archives

  • Made preparations for the publication of The Literature of Lewis and Clark: A Bibliography and Essays.
  • Created and assisted in installation of a major traveling exhibit on the literature of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.
  • Prepared three library exhibits (see p. 6), including a brochure or catalog for each.
  • Moved off-site storage to the Iron Mountain Records Center .
  • Received a gift of George Vancouver's Voyage to the Pacific , a four-volume set, published in France in 1799. ( Voyage de Découvertes, à l'Océan Pacifique du Nord. )


  • Redesigned Library Web pages.
  • Began an inventory of the library collection.
  • Compiled a library staff handbook.
  • Created a screensaver for the reference computers highlighting library staff and services.
  • Distributed promotional library magnets to students and faculty.
  • Promoted wireless network capability.
  • Held meetings of the Student Advisory Committee.
  • Held staff training sessions on the following topics:
  • Reference area workstations
  • Printing
  • Web page updating
  • Collection assessment
  • Instructional techniques and presentation skills
  • Education statistics
  • Primary sources
  • SCI searching on Dialog
  • L&C Archives and Special Collections
  • Began strategic planning.

Library Events


For My Friends: Broadside by Contemporary American Poets . An exhibit at Aubrey Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark College , August 1 st - September 15 th , 2002 . Prepared by Doug Erickson, Jeremy Skinner, and Paul Merchant. A reception was held on August 22 nd with readings by Paulann Petersen, Carlos Reyes, Vern Rutsala, Dorothy Stafford, Kim Stafford, Ralph Salisbury, and Ingrid Wendt.

From the Collection of Hugh Deane: East Asian Pamphlets, 1927-1987 . An exhibit at Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark College , September 15th - December 31st, 2002 . Prepared by Doug Erikson, Jeremy Skinner, and Paul Merchant. A reception was held on November 18 th with Hugh Deane's son, Michael Deane, as guest of honor.

Glen Coffield, William Everson, & Publishing at Waldport , Oregon . From the private collection of Brian Booth. An exhibit at Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark College , February 10 th - May 12th, 2003. Prepared by Doug Erickson, Jeremy Skinner, and Paul Merchant. A reception was held on March 6 th .

Diversions . A rotating display of books from the Library's collections selected by Library staff members on a particular theme. Themes for 2002/03 and their selectors were:

  "Leaf Through a Book" - Staff

  Banned and Challenged Books - Elaine Hirsch

  Computer Science and Mathematics - Mark Dahl

  History and Culture of Food and Drink - Elaine Hirsch

  Creativity - Elaine Heras

  Prize Winning Fiction - Elaine Hirsch

New Books . A continuing display of the most recent two months of new books acquired by the Library.


4 th Annual Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecture. September 6, 2002 . Council Chamber, Templeton Student Center . Joan K. Lippincott, Associate Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information, spoke on "Service in a Collaborative Way ". A reception followed the lecture.



Books & Periodicals   

Total Volumes (June 2003)       281,200

Volumes Added 02/03                11,000

Total Titles                               202,200

Titles Added 02/03                      7,900

Periodical Subscriptions   

Paper                                          1,300

Microform                                        260

Electronic                                        730

Microform Items                     457,000

Audiovisual Materials               13,000

Services 2002/03


Checkouts & Renewals             96,548

Orbis Lending                           11,050

Orbis Borrowing                        11,000

Reserves (not including electronic) 15,895

Interlibrary Loans   

ILL Lending                                7,600

ILL Borrowing                             5,200

Reference Desk Inquiries         9,800   

Library Instruction Sessions         41

Visitors to Library (gate count) 433,100

Building & Facilities

Total Square Footage            104,000

Library Seats                               520

Group Study Rooms                      11

Public Reference Computers        23

Goals for 2003/04

The following goals have been identified as priorities for the Library and its departments in the coming year:

  • Update subject resources Web pages and expand them to include print titles in the Library's collection.
  • Discard outdated materials in the areas of the collection that are in need of it.
  • Promote awareness of the Research Consultation Service.
  • Review draft collection development policies with faculty.
  • Begin collection assessment of selected subject areas of the collection.
  • Improve and streamline serials processes.
  • Investigate and implement use of MARC holdings records for serials in order to batch-load holdings data into OCLC.
  • Plan and document procedures for handling electronic journals.
  • Identify serial titles that need professional binding.
  • Document Acquisitions and Cataloging procedures and policies and put on staff Web page.
  • Finish the inventory of the library collection.
  • Improve electronic reserves and interlibrary loan Web pages.
  • Improve authentication methods for the electronic reserves system.
  • Create an automated borrowing system between Watzek and Boley libraries.
  • Review and update staff position descriptions.
  • Finish the evaluation and reclassification of the Children's Literature collection.
  • Explore ways to improve catalog authority control and Marchive records for government documents.
  • Reduce cataloging backlog and dismantle card catalog shelf list.
  • Evaluate and implement open URL linking solutions for improved access to electronic journals.
  • Upgrade Library Web server.
  • Create a New Books Web page.
  • Plan for digital asset management.
  • Increase redundancy of technical knowledge among library staff members.
  • Establish electronic reserves for audio recordings.
  • Investigate the possibility of integrating library instruction into appropriate courses.
  • Coordinate activities related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition traveling exhibit.
  • Facilitate use of materials in Special Collections and Archives.
  • Continue strategic planning for the library.
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