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The Watzek Library Art Committee welcomes submissions of artwork from the Lewis & Clark College community, as well as exhibits of interest to the community. Art exhibits enrich the library experience for all users, and, in keeping with the Library's mission and services, provide an additional space for intellectual inquiry.

Who may submit an application?

Priority consideration is given to current Lewis & Clark students who are enrolled for credit in one or more art classes. Requests from faculty for exhibits of class work will also take precedence over other requests; interested faculty should submit one application for the proposed exhibit.

The Art Committee will also consider work submitted by faculty, staff, and students not currently enrolled in an art class.

Application process

  • After carefully reading through this policy, fill out the application and liability waiver form, available below.
  • Students, faculty, or staff requesting an exhibit must submit photos of the work to be shown, along with information about measurements, to the Art Committee. As soon as you have submitted your application, please email a photograph to Erica Jensen at ejensen@lclark.edu. If a photograph is not feasible, please submit another type of visual representation of the work to be exhibited.
  • The Art Committee will review applications on a rolling basis, and respond within a week.
  • A member of the Art Committee will walk with you through the space(s) indicated in your application, coordinating schedules and the details of display.
  • The library’s Administrative Coordinator will coordinate the installation of each exhibit with Facilities Services. Please plan for two weeks to install your work and two weeks to take down your work. If the work has not been picked up by the end of the two-week period after the exhibition is taken down, it will become the property of the library, and will be disposed of.
  • Exhibits must be on display for a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of four weeks.

Types of work accepted for display

We exhibit artwork in any media that conforms to the safety regulations of the school and available exhibit space. Should you have any questions as to whether or not your artwork qualifies, please consult with any member of the Art Committee.

Library locations for displaying artwork

Please contact Erica Jensen or Michelle Pennock to discuss display location options. Art Committee contact information can be found at the end of this page.


  • From the date of submission, allow up to one week for the review of your application.
  • Two weeks before the start date of the exhibition, submit artwork and plans to Facilities Services.
  • Plan for the exhibit to be displayed in the Library for at least three weeks, but not more than four.
  • Two weeks prior to the end date of the exhibition, coordinate with Facilities Services to take down artwork.


Watzek Library will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged materials. Artists showing their work must sign a liability waiver (included at the end of the application). With the exhibitor's approval, security precautions will be taken when possible, and may include the use of anti-theft devices.

Additional information

  • No works of art may be removed during the exhibit period.
  • Work may be displayed through periods when classes are not in session, as long as it is removed by the date agreed upon.
  • You will need to provide labels of each work, including your name, the title of the work, year, and media. These labels will be subject to the approval of the Art Committee.
  • Exhibits may contain items that are for sale. Sale prices will not be displayed, but labels may indicate that items are for sale and may provide contact information of the artist.

Complaint procedures

Any complaint about an exhibit, the Exhibit Policy, or implementation of the policy should be directed to the Art Committee. If these parties cannot reach a workable solution, complaints should then be directed to the Associate Director of Watzek Library, Elaine Hirsch.

Art Committee members and contact information

Erica Jensen: email: ejensen@lclark.edu, phone: 503-768-7387

Michelle Pennock: email: mpennock@lclark.edu, phone: 503-768-7275

Melissa Roane: email: mroane@lclark.edu, phone: 503-768-7281

David Shratter: email: shratter@lclark.edu, phone: 503-768-7341

This page maintained by Erica Jensen (ejensen@lclark.edu). Updated July 19, 2016.