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Services for patrons approved for accommodations through Student Support Services


Access & Use Watzek Library Materials

The Access Services team at Watzek is happy to help you find and use the library’s resources. We can help you:

Find books on the shelves. Whether you need someone to accompany you to the stacks or need us to retrieve materials that may be difficult for you to access, we can help you get the materials you need.

Borrow materials. If you are unable to visit the library in person, you can designate a friend or colleague to pick up your library items. Contact Jennifer Jacobs at jjacobs@lclark.edu or (503) 768-7273 to set up a library proxy account.

Get extended access to library materials. We can often make exceptions to allow you to check out reference items or other non-circulating items. We can also show you how to quickly and easily scan materials to further extend your access.  

To access these services or ask us about other possible accommodations, just come to the circulation desk, email us at circ@lclark.edu, or call us at (503) 768-7270 and let us know how we can help you.

Find a Study Space that Works for You

Watzek also provides different kinds of study spaces to meet different study preferences. There are designated quiet areas, study carrels, private study rooms, public group study space, etc.

Get Research Help

Not sure where to start to find information on a paper? Need help narrowing down your topic?  Watzek Librarians can help! You can connect with a librarian who specializes in a specific subject area to get the assistance you need.  Click on the “Who is my Librarian?” link under “Ask a Librarian” on the library homepage to find your liaison.

Meet in Person

Visit the reference desk between 11-5, Monday through Friday and chat with a reference librarian.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with a librarian that specializes in a specific subject area to talk through a particular assignment or an information need. You can set up an appointment via our online form under "Ask a Librarian" or email your liaison directly.

We can provide:

Quiet or private spaces with less visual or audio distractions to chat in person. If the reference desk is not a comfortable or ideal place for you to chat, let us know, and we can move to a quieter/less bright/more private/etc. spot in the library.

Follow up information in writing or in a recorded audio format. We can send you an email after a consultation that summarizes key points or includes links to resources we discussed during our meeting. Just let us know what format you prefer to have your information, and we will make every effort to accommodate.

Email a research librarian at librarian@lclark.edu and let us know what you need. Provide as much information as possible, including assignment details, and we’ll make every attempt to respond within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

Email your liaison. You can also contact a librarian specializing in a particular subject area directly via our library liaison list under “Ask a Librarian” on the library homepage.

Chat on the Phone or Online

Call the reference desk. A reference librarian is available to take your call at the reference desk between 11-5, Monday through Friday at 503-768-7285.

Chat online with a Watzek librarian at the reference desk 11-5, Monday through Friday under “Ask a Librarian” on the library homepage.

In-class Instruction

We also provide instruction within classes throughout the semester. If you have specific needs or preferences during an instruction session (e.g. need handouts or electronic versions of slides, need verbal instructions written down, etc.) let your professor know to pass this information on to the librarian before a library session.


Use Adaptive Technology. There is an Adaptive Technology Lab right in Watzek Library available solely for the use of Student Support Services referred students. The lab provides access to Dragon (speech to text) software, Kurzweil (text to speech) software, and magnification devices in a private, quiet setting. Talk to Student Support Services staff to get clearance to use this lab and then pick up the key at the Watzek Circulation Desk.  

Contact Rebecca Brooks in Student Support Services with questions about the lab: email rbrooks@lclark.edu or call 503-768-7190. The Adaptive Technology Lab also has its own Library contact. Ask for Jennifer Jacobs at the library circulation desk: email jjacobs@lclark.edu or call 503-768-7273.

The Macs in the Watzek computer lab are available to all and have built-in accessibility features including: VoiceOver (screen reader), Dictation (speech to text), Zoom (magnifier), and Mouse Keys (controls cursor with the numeric keypad).

We want to work with you!

Are there other accommodations that could enhance your experience at Watzek? Feel free to reach out to us if there are other ways we can meet your needs.

Watzek Library Homepage,  library.lclark.edu

Circulation Desk, 503-768-7270, circ@lclark.edu

Reference Desk, 503-768-7285, librarian@lclark.edu


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